Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lake Powell or bust!!

We had the opportunity last minute( like 12 hours notice) to go to lake powell with the Cunninghams, my parents and friends. There is a strict no children under 8 rule but I think we ammended it to unless they are under 8 weeks old and never cry and if 'Auntie Paige" is on board. We just went for like 48 hours but it was still fun and beautiful and we had great baby sitters! i started having withdrawls and I was on the same boat with her! She loved it and it was a good little get away! Thanks Bob and Shelly, paige and Mom and Dad!!!!

Our family picture on top of the boat. Could I have gotten an uglier backround at Lake Powell?

Here is Aunite Paige and Isabella. They became fast friends!

Aunt Paige gives the best naps. Look closely and notice that her hair is wet with sweat! Our little girl loves to be warm and toasty!

Grammy and Isabella just talkin about stuff

"uncle richard" and his gun show, oh I mean Isabella!:)