Monday, September 20, 2010

So we have a little secret!!???

So we went to the doctor today and found out in fact that I am not just getting fat, But that we have a baby BOY!!! growing in there! We are 17 weeks along and very, very excited to be able to experience a girl and now a boy! Rich pretends not to be too excited that it is a boy and just says that all he wants is a healthy baby. Which of course I agree, but it is way fun that we are having a boy too! and I know that he is ecstatic!! I am due the end of February and so far so good. This pregnancy has been a lot easier than Isabella's and I said today that if this is what boys are like, then I want all the rest to be boys! I am still sick but I don't throw up, so I'll take it! This little boy is also the reason for my blogging absence! Every time I get pregnant, I lose all motivation for things that are not an absolute necessary to live! We are soooo grateful to be pregnant again and so excited and waiting very impatiently for February! But just wanted everyone to know what has been new in our lives!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Summer

Hi from the Newells! We are alive and well with just a long blogging absence! We kind of took the summer off! A quick Isabella update... she is talking more and more everyday and we love it! She mimics anything that she can and is so cute! She still loves to go bye-bye, loves her baby dolls, her t.v. shows, playing with the big legos, loves to be outside and in the water, loves to climb and play chase and hide and seek, loves tents!, loves her books, and loves playing in her crib when it is not bedtime, loves her grammy especially,likes making messes for mommy and daddy to clean up, she has expanded her meal choices which mommy is especially happy about, and at her last check up she was 36 inches tall and 26.5 lbs. She is growing more and more everyday and really turning into a little girl! She is such a joy and light in our lives!!!

So in early June we were able to go to New York and Connecticut! It was so fun and my very first time there! We experienced as much as we could see and had so much fun! We took a run in central park and then had breakfast at the boat house. We got stuck in traffic because of a parade, we semi-mastered the subways and the day we left someone even asked me for directions on it and I was able to tell them! We ate lots of good food, slept late, walked for hours, and just enjoyed the culture!
On our last day in New York we went to the Natural Museum of History. I am not a fan of museums and this one did not sway me. But this whale was cool!

This is Little Italy where we had the most amazing pizza of our Lives in this tiny restaurant called, Lasso!So good! This was probably one of my favorite areas and someday when we go back I would like to spend more time there. Mostly in the restaurants!!We took a special extra walk to see Yankee stadium. We didn't go to a game. We had such little time there that we just wanted to see things and experience the culture. I didn't make him go to a play so he didn't make me go to a baseball game! Win-Win!

Rich's sister Jill took a bus from D.C. to come and hang with us for the day! So awesome! She served her mission in NYC so she was a great tour guide for us. We walked our legs off that day and got to see so much. Here we are at Grand Central station with her before she caught her train back! Thanks Jill, we Love you!
Central park was one of my favorites! Our hotel was right at the entrance so the day that we got there we took a bike tour around it, because I was way to lazy to walk and was lost instantly! It was so beautiful and the weather was amazing! It was a good way to see alot fast!
The statue of Liberty! Awwww!

Here we are in Connecticut for Ryan and Kylee's other wedding reception. They had it in this beautiful mansion and the area that Kylee grew up in was so amazing! So green. And after all of the festivities is when we drove up to NYC.

We got to go to Oregon this summer in July, and we actually flew in on our 5th anniversary and Rich surprised me and took me to the same place we stayed on our wedding night and in the same room! It was so wonderful and so much fun. His wonderful parents took care of Isabella for us! Hows that for company, the day we show up we leave our kid with them and go stay at a hotel. I guess kids will always be kids! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything that you did for us while we were there!
We went up to Ashlee and Jeffs on day and they took us to the wildlife safari, where the animals roam out free and you drive through it! It was lots of fun and she loved it!
She played with all of her cousins and had a blast!

A quick family picture at Matt and Beths!This is in Matt and Beth's front yard. We were able to be in Oregon for the blessing of new baby Gannon!
We played with lots of friends. She is so happy when she has a play buddy!
Teaghen and Isabella! They play so good together!
We went through four containers of finger paint! Lets just say that it will be a little while before I buy more! She's like" How did that paint get all over me? Hmmm, a mystery!
Princess Isabella, with her legs crossed, eating grapes, watching t.v. and had just had a luxurious bath! I was fanning her with palm leaves on the side
We also went to Lake Powell, Sacramento, Utah, and Mexico, all of which I left my camera at home. So you'll just have to imagine. We did lots of swimming(mostly Isabella and Daddy), lots of playing and chillin', and had a good summer in between all of our trips! Life is good and everybody is happy here!