Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grandmas are the Best!

Our little family just wanted to publicly thank our mothers for all of their help and sacrifice for us as we brought our little girl into this world. They were so much help and support and we are so glad that we didn't have to do it without them! They cooked and cleaned, folded our underwear, went grocery shopping and got up early in the mornings so that I could sleep! Until after my d&c at about two weeks I seriously couldn't stand for longer than about 5 minutes and they catered to my every need! And found time to hold Isabella! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you!!!

Is this one of the most beautiful grandmas you've ever seen?

And isn't this the other most beautiful grandma you've ever seen! i mean seriously they shouldn't be allowed to be "grandmas"

Thank You! We Love You!


The Robinson Family said...

Yea!!! a new post, I was starting to wonder if you took any pictures of Isabella


I seriously thought that Isabella was just in mom's shirt, sleeping away!! That is until I saw the picture of you on the plane with the sling. She is TOOOOOO cute!! I miss her!


miss you guys too :)

Karen said...

I would not have missed this experience! What a sweet memory! Thank you for sharing it with me.
Your blog won't let me say Grammy!! But it is ok cause I knows who I is.

Whitney said...

Is Karen trying to smuggle Isabella out of your house?

Ashlee said...

I just can't get enough pictures of that sweet little girl of yours. Keep the pictures coming. Amber says that she is so alert and has her eyes open a lot. I hope she is letting you sleep. I agree, they are BEAUTIFUL grandmothers!