Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She's 2!!

So two years ago the most amazing thing happened! We became parents to a beautiful baby girl. She has been the joy in our lives for the last two years and it just gets better everyday! She is still so happy (most of the time;) big huge smile 98% of the time, gets excited over everything, lives to play" I'm gonna get you", loves to swim and jump and watch t.v., to swing and slide and be tickled by her daddy. She gives us hugs while patting our backs, blows kisses to everyone when she says bye(even the grocery store lady), hates her vegetables, is talking more and more everyday, and loves to be around people and never wants to miss a party!

Here she is the day she was born

One years old
and now TWO!!! I can't believe it!
When everyone showed up to her Minnie Mouse party she was so excited that she just ran around hugging every ones legs!

She loved opening her presents and it was so fun this year because she could actually understand what was going on. Her is one of her gifts,every girl needs a pink ball! This was one of her favorite gifts from Amber and Aaron!
Here she is getting her kitchen. We waited until the end and brought it in and she was so excited! Little does she know in about 16 years that is the last thing she will ever want!
Three lovely ladies!!
So we sang to her and then told her to blow, and she did but very delicately! It took her about 10 tries and us helping before she got it out. We were clapping and cheering as she finally did. She is just such a little Lady!
Before she blew them out, she decided to stick her hand in the frosting to give it a little try! She liked it! And is my child the only one that eats ONLY the frosting on the cake?!

The cake! I'll let you decide if you think I made it or not?!??
Us with our party hats! I didn't think she would wear hers longer than to get a picture, but I was wrong. She didn't want to take them off until it was bedtime. So cute! Then a few days later I was making her breakfast and served it to her on one of her leftover party plates, and all of the sudden she runs upstairs and comes down with her ears on. If she was going to eat on a Minnie Mouse plate then she needed her ears!
Her buddy spot! After a quick wardrobe change for the princess we headed off to Chuckie Cheese. She loves it and it was so fun to watch her!
She was just shoving in the pizza!
On the swing ride. This is the ride that I remember loving as a little girl. I didn't think she would do it but after about 10 seconds she loved it and rode it 3 more times! Grandpa would walk around to each side as it swooped up and give her a kiss and then go to the other side!
We had her birthday party the day before her actual birthday so on her real birthday we gave her our gift. Her own house. I hope she doesn't look back on her 2nd birthday and think that mom and dad were trying to move her out already- with a kitchen-house-vacuum-food......? She loves to play pretend, and i love to watch her do it.
And after it was all done we asked her how her 2nd birthday was and she said,"WOW,WOW!"
We love you Isabella and are grateful for the blessing you are in our lives!!!