Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two months old!! and 33 yrs old

So here are so more pictures of Isabella! So we have her first swim, her first toenail painting, her first bottle in the pool, A daddy daughter picture on Rich's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! I LOVE YOU! and just more fun pictures! She is growing so fast! We weighed her and think she is 10 lbs already! Life is good!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grandmas are the Best!

Our little family just wanted to publicly thank our mothers for all of their help and sacrifice for us as we brought our little girl into this world. They were so much help and support and we are so glad that we didn't have to do it without them! They cooked and cleaned, folded our underwear, went grocery shopping and got up early in the mornings so that I could sleep! Until after my d&c at about two weeks I seriously couldn't stand for longer than about 5 minutes and they catered to my every need! And found time to hold Isabella! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you!!!

Is this one of the most beautiful grandmas you've ever seen?

And isn't this the other most beautiful grandma you've ever seen! i mean seriously they shouldn't be allowed to be "grandmas"

Thank You! We Love You!

Happy Fourth of July!

So we flew down to Sacramento to visit Rich's aunt and his mom and dad came down, his sister Jill from santa monica, and his brother matt and his wife Beth and their kids from portland and we all bombarded his aunt and uncle. They live in the most beautiful town called Auburn and we had so much fun. There was a parade, games for the kids, fireworks, swimming, shopping and lots of good food and good company!

Umm, okay you want me to sit here with a bow....? its a little awkward!

Are you done yet? It is hard to be cute for this long and now all I can see is spots from the flashing thing

You have got to be kidding me right?! You want to shove me into a plastic hat? I don't think so. That is not even funny and I am done with this whole thing!

Matt, Beth, Rich, Me, and Madeline

Cousin Madeline held me for like two hours and let me take a nap on her! Thanks it was great!!

Lake Powell or bust!!

We had the opportunity last minute( like 12 hours notice) to go to lake powell with the Cunninghams, my parents and friends. There is a strict no children under 8 rule but I think we ammended it to unless they are under 8 weeks old and never cry and if 'Auntie Paige" is on board. We just went for like 48 hours but it was still fun and beautiful and we had great baby sitters! i started having withdrawls and I was on the same boat with her! She loved it and it was a good little get away! Thanks Bob and Shelly, paige and Mom and Dad!!!!

Our family picture on top of the boat. Could I have gotten an uglier backround at Lake Powell?

Here is Aunite Paige and Isabella. They became fast friends!

Aunt Paige gives the best naps. Look closely and notice that her hair is wet with sweat! Our little girl loves to be warm and toasty!

Grammy and Isabella just talkin about stuff

"uncle richard" and his gun show, oh I mean Isabella!:)

Life is just so busy sometimes!

We have been so busy lately traveling and just adjusting to life! As aunt jill put it , I wish I could be a baby when all I have to do is learn how to eat and breath at the same time! And boy is that hard, but I think that I got it down. I only forget to breathe every once in a while! And so sleepy, between eating and sleeping though I found time for a photo shoot before bed and a bath and an airplane flight to sacramento and a boat ride to lake powell! Life is pretty good, except I fall asleep one place and wake up somewhere different! Is it magic??

Dads nose taste so good sometimes when I am soooo hungry and mom is taking too long to feed me!

Every time I wear this outfit bright lights flash in my eyes.... so annoying!

Mmmmm! I love my bath in Aunt Anns sink. It is nice and deep so I don't get cold and I don't get water in my ears!

Mom I know that this is my first airplane flight but could you get a picture of something else besides my nostrils? So embarrassing!

After all that work I am sooo sleepy!