Saturday, November 29, 2008

We are thinking about dual citizenship....

So we went to Mexico again and people have started asking us if we are just trying to prepare them for when we move there permanently. But honestly I just do not have the will power in me to say no. So when it is available we go! Why not, right?! We really love it and have so much fun. We were able to take some friends with us this time because my mom and dad were out of town so they graciously allowed us to use it!
This is Lily and Stanton. Just playing together quietly like any two year olds would!
And Lola! Her dad put her in this chair and she was so cute just looking around. She was a really good baby!

Here is Noel and Isabella. Before we took this picture Isabella politely asked if she could chew on her robe because her teeth were killing her. So Noel sweetly said yes!

This is Stanton! And I LOVE his hair! It is always wild and awesome! And he is so sweet! We quickly became friends!
Daddy and Isabella!
Aawhh! The sunsets
Here are the friends we paid to come with us! Rob, Kimmie, Stanton, and Noel Curry
JJ and Jill Newell(rich's sisters). 3rd picture- Amanda and Jordan Glenn and their daughters Lily and Lola. Lola is only one month old! So cute! And of course Billy and Kati Cunningham graced us with their presence! Thanks everyone for a great trip!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lots of fun

So we went to the Monday night football game and can I just say Go cardinals! We went with Amber and Aaron and Mom and Dad! It was an amazing game!!!
Of course we had to tailgate before the game with our Diet cokes!of course we had to throw the football. I guess that is how you tailgate the cool way!

Isabella loves this piano. She gets very passionate about it!
Here she is for the first time in her high chair! So fun!
So we went to Mexico again and we love all the dead things that wash up on shore. Dolphins, sea lions, whales, birds, but this was new! A squid! It was just dying when we found it and was still inking and changing colors. Cool!
The beaultiful sunsets
Mom and dads house is the first greenish one, and our new favorite place to visit!
Isabella LOVES her daddy! How come moms do most of the work but daddys get the smiles?