Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SOOO much to say! I hope you have a few minutes!

Oh my goodness, where to start?! So much has happened in three weeks! Isabella turned 4 months old today. She is so fun! She found her voice a couple of days ago so now when you ask her to talk she will tell you lots..very loudly! It is the best! I go to sleep hearing it in my head. She also has started to giggle and will do so more when she is tired. Its like she gets slap silly! I love it! She has also become a champion sleeper. About three weeks ago I started the babywise/put yourself to sleep method, and it was so hard! I don't know who cried more, me or her? But she wasn't sleeping, and waking up from naps after only a 1/2 hour and needed me to get her back to sleep. So I thought I would rather create a good habit now instead of fixing a bad one later. It only took about a day for her to figure it out and each week she slept longer and longer. She is now taking two to three good naps a day and sleeping 10-12 hours at night with one feeding! She wakes up so happy and rested and so do I. I know there is lots of different opinions over this but it worked for us! But she continues to grow and be the greatest joy in our lives!
Let the drool flow!

The first pictures are of Mexico. We all went down as a family(except Keith:(, and some friends after Ryan's homecoming talk. It was lots of fun. My little nieces are just about the cutest thing ever and it was so fun to be around them all the time! Kellene is just busy all the time and so sweet! Hannah loves to give kisses and needs to do so everytime she sees Isabella and proceeds to clap for herself afterwards! Both girls didn't really love touching the sand and when they would fall would try to get up without using their hands! So cute and two girls after my own heart! Isabella loves to watch them and they are so sweet with her! We took them all at sunset one night and tried to get their pictures, and lets just say it was close to bed time and took 5 of us to do so! My parents house is absolutely amazing and we feel so lucky to be there everytime we go! We just do lots of beach time, eat, play games, and hang out!
I did also get a new camera and mexico was my first time playing with it so sorry for ALL the pictures but I just couldn't choose!

Isn't that a cute center piece?

Not only do they look alike but they even make the same faces! It kills me! I swear there has got to be some of me in her... somewhere?
Cute mommy and Kellene
A cute pregnant mommy with her toddler on the beach
Hannah's sunscreen in the hair smile!
She loves to smile

A little sunset action!Thanks photographer Lindsay
This was Hilarious! He had his hands full
Mom and Lindsay

Grandpa and Hannah
Hannah loves to kiss to Isabella
Friends of ours. Jim and Heather Olsen
and their son Kaden! Look at those baby blues!

We also have been to the lake a lot recently. My aunt kelly and the triplets came down for Ryan's homecoming talk and we all went! Yes that is my mother wake surfing and me wakeboarding. Shocking I know because I get my athletic talent from my mother and lets just say that we will not be getting any trophy's soon... or ever! But we held our own. And of course Rich wakesurfing, but he's good at everything so thats nothing new! Isabella does good at the lake. She just chills and sleeps when shes tired!

And last but certanly not least are pictures of one of my best friends, Tejun, and her daughter Kayden.Kayden and Isabella were born three weeks apart and she has been a great help to me since she gets to go through everything three weeks sooner. So when her husband took Isabellas pictures we got some of the both of them and us. It was quite a challenge and the one of them on their tummys was taken right before they both rolled over on to their backs. It was so funny! It is crazy to think that we have been friends since the third grade and now we are having babies! So fun! Love you T!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just an angel!

Photo and video editing at www.OneTrueMedia.com
These are Isabellas 3 Month pictures that were actually taken at exactly 3 months.How often does that happen? I didn't plan it that way it just worked out! and pictures of her in her blessing dress. And of course some family pictures! A friend of ours took these and did an amazing job, if I don't say so myself! I just love how he caught all of her different faces!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Silly Faces!!

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Here are some of the many silly faces that she loves to make! And all in one night!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthdays and Rolling over!!

So I am not very good at birthdays and Anniversaries so here is a happy birthday to Nikki(august) and Nate(March) and happy Anniversary (may)! We love you! Below is a little birthday treat!

So here she is rolling over. She does it in the first few seconds and the video is so long because usually she will do it over and over again. But of course because the camera was on she decided not to and that she liked tummy time all of a sudden. She is such a good girl and growing so fast. She did this 2 days before her 3month birthday, which happened to be my sister Nikki's birthday August 28th! So happy birthday Auntie Nikki! This ones for you!

Monday, September 1, 2008

This was a big week!

So we blessed Isabella last week. We waited so long so that my brother Ryan could be there. He just got back off his mission three days before. It was such a great day and the blessing was beautiful. The only problem was that they almost DROOPED HER! How can 9 men almost drop a tiny baby! She is a wiggler and I think they lost her in all that dress. But it was so fun. Then this week she started TEETHING and she ROLLED OVER!  She is growing so fast, it is fun and sad all at the same time. So needless to say it was a big week!Rich's Mom came down for the blessing and she crochetted this beautiful aftgan for her! Thanks MOM 
Here is everyone that was there minus the guest of honor, Ryan.  Nikki and kellene also flew down for the blessing! And lots of friends and family.
                  Our little family!
This is Teaghen, shes two, and Isabella. Teaghen loved Isabella, and Isabella loved Teaghen. It was a win-win situation! So cute!

Indianna Jones? nope, Evansville

So mom and I went down to Indiana to visit Hannah, oh and Keith and Lindsay. They have the cutest house and it is a cute little town. Unfortunately I got the shingles while I was there so I didn't feel the greatest but we still had lots of fun! Lindsay and Keith found out that they were having a girl while we were there and we even got to see her on ultrasound. Hannah is so fun. She does so many tricks and learns so quickly! She is the sweetest little girl and will give kisses to anybody!  We miss you guys!!So I have learned a thing or two about natural blondes over my years of hairdressing, they should stay blonde! But they always want to try something new which is great, it is just a very long process to go back to blonde. Lindsay had started the process with a hair dresser in Indiana but I just had to go and fix it. The first try was a little orange, and I just couldn't understand why she didn't like it. Doesn't it compliment her features so well??

And here is the finished product! I know she was little scared in between but it turned out okay. Isn't she lovely!

I just love this Face!! Is she not the cutest thing ever! I think this was mac'n'cheese that she was displaying for us
Here is Uncle Keith and Isabella! Poor Keith was on call the whole time that we were there so we didn't get to see him much! But when he was home it was fun and let me tell you he sure loves his Hannah! It was very kind of him to take time away to hold Isabella!!
So here are a few of the townsfolk in Indiana. A strange bunch down there. j.k. This is Natalie and Miles, Lindsays brother and sister. They are a ton of fun and we were lucky enough to see them because our trips overlapped a day!
And here is the beautiful Tatem. She is the prettiest baby. She is four months old and already holds her own bottle and rolls over and giggles sooo cute. Isabella aspires to be just like her.  though she can't figure out why mommy keeps putting her hands on her bottle?
So this is a little blurry but it was our attempt to have Hannah hold Isabella so we could get a cute picture. It lasted about 10 seconds. But Hannah was so good with her. She never once tried to hit her or poke her eyes out and was very sweet with her. Her new sister is lucky to have her