Thursday, April 23, 2009

It was a Happy Easter!

So we went home to Oregon for Easter! It was a last minute trip but we are very glad that we went! Isabella had not yet met two of Rich's sisters and their families, so that was also a bonus of going! We dyed Easter eggs, had parties and picnics, went shopping, played games, slept very little and just had fun! Thanks everyone for a great Easter!

Here is Paige who is 2. She loves shoes and she needed me to unzip her pjs so that she could put on these boots. This is the best outfit ever! I think she may have started a trend!

There is going to be WHAT?! in here on Easter? CANDY!!??(no we didn't pierce her ears, Aunt Beth put stick ons on all of the little girls!)
Here we are doing the Newell tradition of Rolling eggs. You find a hill and all roll your eggs at the same time. If yours is cracked at the end your out and so on.. It didn't work out quite that well but it was still fun!
This is Natalie who is also 2. This was so cute, she just came over and sat down by Isabella and started talking to her! All the cousins were soooo good with Isabella, she was in Heaven!
Hey guys can you see my egg?
And here is Katelyn and Isabella!! Cuties!
The camera loves Bailey!
All of the Adults of the weekend!
Mom, Dad, ..Don't!
Happy Easter! We had Easter showers!
Twinkle toes
Hannah and Carter goofin' around!
Grandma and Grandpa with Isabella! You may have noticed that Rich's dad is about 1/2 of the size that he used to be. Smokin Hot!!! Keep up the good work Dad!
Here are 9 of the Grandkids on Easter! Grandma and Grandpa are so good to their grandkids! we couldn't have asked for better!! We love you!!

The three little bears!

We went to Oregon for Easter(will post later) and for the three youngest grandchildren who's birthdays are about a month apart, Isabellas' Aunt Tricia made the three little bears. These were the cutest cakes I have ever seen. She even made the frosting look like fur!! So we had a bear picnic one day and a little birthday party the next day and Isabella got to do a run-through of her first birthday! Lucky girl! Who wouldn't want to celebrate their birthday a month early and then get to do it again!

I realized after that I only took pictures of her at the birthday party, sorry girls! But you can catch some of Paige under that arm. So here they are all set up and ready to make their wishes. She was a little confused!
Then we put it on her tray and she was wowed! She thought it was pretty amazing!
I get to do what?!!! Are you guys sure about this?!
Well if you say so...... MMMMMmmmmmmm! I love Cake, and especially the frosting!
Did I miss any on my face? Oh I did.. thats okay Ill eat it later.
That was so much fun! This is the coolest game ever!(it was so cute! She was eating large chunks of frosting and cake and making mommy and daddy a little nervous about her having a stomach ache, but I was so happy that she dove right in!)
OOooohhh! Too much frosting and I am a mess. Put me in the bath right now!
And that is the story of the three little bears! Thanks Aunt Tricia and Grandma for my birthday party!