Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life is just so busy sometimes!

We have been so busy lately traveling and just adjusting to life! As aunt jill put it , I wish I could be a baby when all I have to do is learn how to eat and breath at the same time! And boy is that hard, but I think that I got it down. I only forget to breathe every once in a while! And so sleepy, between eating and sleeping though I found time for a photo shoot before bed and a bath and an airplane flight to sacramento and a boat ride to lake powell! Life is pretty good, except I fall asleep one place and wake up somewhere different! Is it magic??

Dads nose taste so good sometimes when I am soooo hungry and mom is taking too long to feed me!

Every time I wear this outfit bright lights flash in my eyes.... so annoying!

Mmmmm! I love my bath in Aunt Anns sink. It is nice and deep so I don't get cold and I don't get water in my ears!

Mom I know that this is my first airplane flight but could you get a picture of something else besides my nostrils? So embarrassing!

After all that work I am sooo sleepy!