Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Talk about Fashion sense!!??

So I am finally posting pictures from our Mexico trip in September. It was mostly just girls, but the boys did make an appearance for the weekend. My mom, Nikki, her daughter Kellene, me and Isabella, and our friend Heather. The weather was a little warm but was still nice enough to be outside. Isabella loved the beach again and especially the Quads. We would get down to the beach and she would walk around for a bit, eat some sand, and then walk over to the quads while pointing and saying,"vroom, vroom!" So we would take a ride and repeat!
We had a great time and did learn that the jelly fish down their don't sting, as we were throwing them like baseballs by the end of the week!

This is a little outfit that Kellene just threw together one night. When we asked her if it was new she said," what, this old thing?!""

BUBBLES! she can say it now and loves for us to blow them in the bath tub
This is sadly the only picture I got the whole week of both of the girls together. Lets just say that they weren't at good ages for playing together!
Here is some more amazing fashion sense. She said she did NOT want tan lines so this was the best thing she could think of to fix that!
But I might say that this outfit wins the Prize!!! Kaden was a serious beach adventure man!!
Mom and Isabella

These are the jelly fish or as Kellene would say "belly bish" there were hundreds of them everywhere! This one however was a casualty of the tide:(
I love the gut!! She is so much fun! She loved the sand and eating it, but the sand in the diapers did get a little old by the end of the week. What can we say she likes crunchy and salty food!!She is at such a fun age and is understanding so much of what we say. It is so fun to watch her explore and try new things. She is so happy but definitely know what she wants and will let you know! I love it! and Her!!!!