Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I have finally accepted it. She turned 1!

So I finally admitted it, that she turned 1! I can't believe it! It is so fun and so sad at the same time! Her birthday was so much fun and so much work but it was totally worth it. We decorated so much but of course I forgot to take pictures of it. Oh well it is in my mind. We had a Luau and swimming party with just family and Isabella soaked up all of the attention like any princess would! Here are some pictures and I know that they are a month late, but as usual it has been CRAZY!

Here she is the day she was born
In her new leather recliner from Grammy and Grandpa! She loves it!

On her new Horsey from Keith and Lindsay. Keith also got our princess a tractor, she did not have a clue what to do with it....j.k she loves it as much as her babies.Thanks aunt keith! And her new dress form Aunt Amber and Uncle Aaron! So cute!

This is the cake for the guests
And this is the cake for Isabella to tear up. Rich and I both decorated it and I put my wedding crown on the top. It was fun for our first cake
Showing her how to eat the cake
I love the pink mittens. She got so into tearing it to pieces that she even sat in it and used her feet
Mmmmmm, so good!
ahh, ahh, CHOOOO! Yummy ! nothing like boogers in the cake

Yea! So much fun!!Taking a bath in her play pool outside

Eating the rest of her cake while waiting for her bath. Cake and grass is even better than cake and boogers!

Elmo is on the other side of that and she is chewing on his plastic eyes and nose! Best gift everBefore we started opening gifts I was trying to get her attention but she was noticing all of the people gathered around giving her attention(especially her best buddy Hannah1! and she was loving every minute of it. She would clap and smile and not pay attention to a thing I was saying!
Saying Hi on her new picnic table-sand box!
Some of our guests came scandally dressed
Grammy and Grandpa brought this chair for her and she could not get enough of it. She loves it!
Talking to her baby. She is so cute with babies already. She gives them loves and talks to them in a high pitched voice! And if course the grass skirt for her Luau! We loved it. This was followed by a long three hour nap! Being a princess for a day is so tiring!

She turned one on Saturday May 30th and I can't believe how fast the time went! She has gained 13 lbs and grown 12 inches which basically equates to a giant! She giggles and jabbers, smiles, cries and screams, throws fits, claps her hands, waves, throws up while traveling, has a very strong gag reflex, crawls, sits up, rolls over, gives kisses and loves which always melts our hearts. She loves to watch her baby videos sitting in her new chairs, loves to climb the stairs while we chase her, of course loves to play with the dvd player because she knows that she is not supposed to, loves to play under the kitchen table like it is a fort, says dada and mama and uh-oh, loves the pool and baths and the ocean, loves animals especially grammy and grampas dogs! She is a good sleeper and happy 95% of the time, she loves music and dances when she hears it, she is not to into food right now unless it is salty and crunchy, she crys at the door if daddy is working outside and she can't be out there with him, she pulls up on my leg and holds on and cries until I pick her up, which is also so cute 95% of the time. She loves to be around people and needs an outing most days so that she can socialize and get someone to smile at her. She loves to make the Indian sounds with her mouth and she spits with her tongue out to make that vibrating sound, which is so cute right in the middle of church!(jk)She is brown already from the sun in spite of all of the sunscreen we put on her. She has a fake cry every night before bed right before she gets her bottle that makes me laugh every time, she loves to have her clothes off and hates to have her diaper changed, she talks in a high pitched voice to her babies when she holds them and gives them kisses right before she bites their face because her teeth hurt, she loves other kids so much that when we are in a store and walk away from one she cries. She cries if another baby is crying, she hates loud noises, she is always busy and never wants to miss a party, she loves to play boo, her favorite songs right now are the wheels on the bus and Bingo. She is not a huge fan of her car seat but loves to listen to the cd of kid songs that says her name. She loves to go for walks as long as the stroller is moving, she is a good sleeper, but not a good cuddler! She is such a sweet spirit in our home and we thank our Heavenly Father everyday for her. Life has all new meanings and is so much more tender with her in our lives that it is hard to imagine a time when she wasn't here. We feel so blessed to have been privileged with the opportunity to have gotten pregnant and delivered such a healthy and good natured child. We feel so loved by our Father in Heaven that He entrusted her to us to raise and to love!
So one year down and many happy years to go!!!

Murder, Mystery, and the 50's

So before Memorial Day, Rich's parents came to visit because our brother-in-law, Aaron, graduated from ASU. GO Aaron!!! Anyways, we took the opportunity to have a murder mystery dinner. It was a 50's diner theme, so we all dressed up and even went and got some decorations to turn our kitchen into a 50's flashback. The worst part was that my refridgerator was broken so we had to get In-N-Out(okay I guess that wasn't the worst thing)but that is a whole other two week long saga of lots of eating out that we will save for another day, or maybe never. Okay back to the story, I keep getting side tracked. So the murder mystery is a game that you buy and it tells you everything that you need to do. There are 8 parts and they suggest outfits, and give you character roles, and the more into it you get the more fun it will be. So the family were all really good sports and got into it. Dad ended up being the killer which was so funny, because all he basically said all night was" Hey do you guys know that I am really smart?" That was the extent of his acting! But here are some of the fun pictures. Mom took the award for best costume! And Rich took the role or the best looking!

Here is Isabella. She had a plaid skirt on that you couldn't see and they tried to part her down the middle but she kinda looks like a boy, and all she really wanted right then was to go to bed. She was a good sport!
Here is some of the gang! I was the cheerleader, Rich was the Rocker, Amber was the popular rich girl, Aaron was the preppy, Zac was the jock, and JJ was the book worm.
This was so funny. We were all yelling at Dad cause he was the last one to get dressed and we thought he didn't have a costume and lo and behold he comes out of the bathroom in perfect uniform because he was the smart nerd. And Mom was the, how do you say it, the one that all the boys liked! She even had on high heels at the bottom of that spandex outfit! She is my hero! (How did the geek get the beauty?)
Amber and Aaron
And here are what I so now lovingly call JAZ (JJ, Zac, & Alex) Get it?

Anyways thanks everyone for a fun night!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Day

I know that I am way behind on blogging so I am going to attempt to catch up day by day. Well see. So for Memorial day all of the Arizona Newells and the Toomers from Vegas, all went to San Clemente to visit the Browns. We called it a cousin reunion. The Browns have this great house in San Clemente only a few miles from the beach and graciously invited all of the crazy crew to come down for the weekend. It was sooo much fun! The weather was perfect, the beach was amazing, the company was great and we got to play games! (for those of you that don't know me too well, I love to play games! But it seems that all of those close to me in my life don't. So when I get the opportunity to play games I am sooo happy!)
Isabella loved the beach. She would seriously take handfuls of sand and eat it. There was nothing we could do to stop it. But luckily the second day that we went she slowed down on eating it. I think she was still full from the first day! And she loved the water, especially when the waves would splash her legs. It was so fun! But I did realize that my days of reading on the beach all day are OVER! But it is a good trade and will be back all too soon, I am sure.

Mmmm! Sand is sooo good! (yuck!!)
So she is crawling around one morning and I find her under the island and much to her delight she has found some bacon from breakfast that had fallen on the floor(yuck, again). Ya know you gotta do what ya gotta do to survive!

We went to LA the on our way to San Clemente for two days so Rich could work. So Isabella and I pretty much hung out in the hotel and did some shopping. But she was loving snuggling in the pillows on the bed!
This is Sam, Craig, and William Brown. The are so great. They kept us laughing all weekend!
And the more attractive half of the Browns. Me stuffing my face, Carly, Susan, and Chelsea! So I am eating these things called Woof Ems'. You put crossiant dough around the end of a foil covered dowl and roast that over the fire. When it is done you pull it off and it makes a little cup which you fill with chocolate pudding and whip cream. SOOO good and way better than smores!

This was her first day of Pig Tails! I love it!