Monday, March 28, 2011

5 weeks old

Mr. handsome here is 5 weeks old today and I can hardly believe it! Time is going so fast and I hate it! He is so sweet and cuddly and loves to be held! As at this moment I am typing with one hand, so please excuse punctuation errors! We love him so much and it has been a fairly smooth transition as i am figuring out life with two busy bodies! showers and food on a normal schedule have been thrown out the window, and learning to not think about how much sleep I got that night seems to help my mood! but I am more than happy to make all of these small sacrifices for these wonderful children!
Anderson is still big believe it or not and growing by the minute. He has the cutest cry and I hope he wont remember me giggling when he does cry, because he is just so cute. He gets all worked up quickly and starts with a snorting sound, that a friend of mine thought it was the dog that we don't have! He is sleeping and eating like a new born every 3-4 hours, which I really can't complain! Isabella is loving him and is very sweet with him. She will hold him and say, i lub you, boo boo boo baby! or she will run up and kiss him on his head and then shake his hand and say, "how are you?" Sooo funny and cute! she doesn't like him to cry so she will push me to him and say , get it, or feed it! Such a good helper!

this one is anderson and the second one is Isabella. I think they look alike, she was just a lot smaller
love his baby blues!!!!
This hat is from my brother in laws, mom! she made it and we love it!
cross eyes! I love it!

snuggling with his teddy bear
after his first hair cut! so handsome!
before his first haircut
hey guys! he was about 2 weeks old here
We gave him a bath in the sink last night like we used to do with Isabella, except he doesn't fit quite as well! He was a little cold!
this is isabella at 5 weeks

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family Pictures