Monday, October 17, 2011

7 months old and September

Well I quickly needed to post Anderson's 7 month pictures before he turns 8 months old. September was CRAZY! We were gone for most of it and on the go! We did Oregon, Hawaii, and Mexico! We are so blessed! So here are a few quick pictures which I hope to post in detail later each event!

this is in Washington for Aunt Jennifer's wedding! It was beautiful and great!
My two cuties!
Anderson's first swing ride! He wasn't too sure about it but came around at the end
Anderson in Mexico!
In his 7th month he
-got his two top teeth
-got his first cold
-got to meet all of his cousins and aunts and uncles
-slept in his first tent
-went camping and to the beach
- went to the park for the first time
- is so happy
-drools like crazy
-loves to growl and spit
- still so giggly
-loves to play and talk to sister
-started to know who his family is and pumps his arms and grunts when he sees us!
-Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
- Hates to have his nose wiped or cream put on his face
-has a bad case of never ending eczema on his face
-so much fun to be around
-wearing 18 month clothing!!!
Us in Hawaii! I am still having withdrawls and crazy cravings to go back! ;)
It was a great month!!!!