Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pretty Happy!

So we are pretty happy about something!!!........

We have our Daddy back!

So its been about 6 months since I have blogged and I relate that to, 6 months ago, Rich started traveling monday through friday every week. So that left me a single mommy all week and for 6 months. Somehow we survived but while doing that I think I was in, "survival mode"! Just doing the necessaries to get through the day. All the extra's(blogging) went out the window. So we definitely decided that we were not going to live this way and tried to figure out a solution. The one we came up with was moving to Sacramento, Ca. to be near his job and so that he would not have to travel as much. We were fortunate enough that his company helped relocate us, and here we are. The move went relatively smoothly, besides that extra U-haul we had to rent, and we are sooooooooooooooo happy to be a family again. Rich keeps saying how domestic I have become since we got here and I like to remind him that I was pregnant for a full year, then had a new baby, and then he left for 6 months, so yes, that did not leave a lot of time for cooking nice meals and decorating, while handling it all and working part time! (love you babe!) So I am happy to report that I am happy here. I have quit doing hair all together and it has freed up so much more time for me to do stuff with my children and be a full time mommy and wife and I LOVE it!! I miss Arizona terribly, but the alternative has been good!
So I will try and catch up on the last 6 months but I won't promise any thing!

with daddy at the Sacramento ZOO
Family pictures in December! Thanks Amanda Glenn!
Isabella is at the dress up age, and I love it! I love the things she puts together
Anderson is growing faster than I want to acknowledge! Love him!!!!
Disneyland in February with my family! IT was pure MAGIC!!! Loved every minute of it!
Anderson turned 1! He is so fun. Loves to say uh-oh, play with cars, trucks and balls, pull his sisters hair, dance, mickey mouse, play outside, pull on my leg to be held, is not walking, and does not sleep great! But he is happy all of the time and a joy to be around! He is still in the 100% for height and weight (30lbs) which makes him a heavy baby and we are looking forward to the day that he walks, which he has no desire to do right now!
Isabella as my wing man while rich and I each drove a u-haul to California!
another outfit
We became a mini-van family, and I love it!

Well that it all for now!