Friday, February 25, 2011

Anderson Daniel Newell

We are happy to announce that......HE"S HERE!!!!!
He is here!!! Finally! So here is a quick summary of his journey. My pregnancy was not the easiest out there but definitely could have been harder. But as we all know, it can always be worse so I hate to even complain. I was not sick the whole time but probably 80% of it I was nauseous but mostly it was all of the contractions. For me they start at about 16 weeks as braxton hicks and continue the whole time. So the bigger he got the more painful they were. So of course we thought he would come a little early with all of the contractions and his size. But NO! My brother said he is a mama's boy and didn't want to leave me! So I went in to be induced at 39 weeks. We were supposed to go in at midnight but they called me at about 7 and said that we could go in early. Of course I was not ready. I had saved a list of things to do so that I would be busy those last few hours and not just sitting around watching the clock. So I hopped in the shower and quickly did a few last things and we were on our way. They started the gels at 10:00 and I got my epidural at 2. I was going to try and wait but the nurse said no need, so I figured after 20 weeks of contractions, I was done and please put me out of my misery! And can I say that I am soooooo grateful for epidurals. What a blessed thing they are! I was praising the man that invented them all through my labor!
After the epidural I went from a 3 to a 9 in 4 1/2 hours and then the doctor came in and broke my water and and hour and a half later we started to push to see if it would help him rotate and move the rest of the way down. Well 3 contractions and pushing later I could feel his head coming out and they told me to stop pushing so that the doctor could get there. He walked in took one look and told me not to move, breathe, or push! He quickly got his gown on and my contractions pushed him the rest of the way out. I have to say I didn't even break a sweat! Oh blessed epidurals! The doctor was shocked when they weighed him in at 9 lbs 4oz and said, oooh sorry! Anderson came out crying and and scored a 9-10 on his apgar! He was just perfect and I was so happy that everything went well and there was no trauma on either of us! My recovery has been fantastic in comparison to Isabella and he is a super good baby!
The hospital and nurses were not a fan of letting me sleep so I got the heck out of there as soon as we could, which was the next day. We got home and I finally got a nap that lasted longer than 45 minutes and that made pretty happy!
Isabella has taken to him as we expected. She is always super excited to see him and after holding him for about 3 seconds she is all done with him. There have been some outburst and temper tantrums but nothing too bad so I'll take it. Family and friends have been so awesome at taking her out of the house for most of the week so that I could recover and we could get to know our little guy! Meals have been coming daily and are so yummy! We are so very blessed with so much love and support of everyone around us!
Here are the pictures in no particular order!

Ryan and Kylee kissing their new nephew in the hospital.
Amber and Aaron were nice enough to come and stay with Isabella while we had Anderson! Thanks guys!!!!
RIGHT after we had him.
Just before we started to push. I am holding my Ipad and can I say how much I loved it during labor and now when I nurse. It is quite the luxury and my favorite christmas gift!!!
He rarely opens his eyes, but he gave us a quick peek
Cousin Alex holding Anderson.
Isabella pretending to be a baby. She does find his bouncer a great recliner for watching tv!
After his first bath at home. He hated it and looked at me after like, "how could you?!"
Isabella seeing anderson for the first time. Of course I didn't capture her holding him on film! But she was pretty excited!
Our nurse Andrea

The big weigh in
Just before they started the induction