Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Six Months Old!

First of all! Happy thanksgiving! Ours sure was! We are sure thankful for our Isabella, she is the joy of our days! And we are so thankful for a kind Heavenly Father who allowed us to have her on this earth. We are so thankful for forever families, the gospel, air conditioning, warm running water, toilets that flush, Pure Beech sheets from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, the internet, our health, noodles and boo baby wash that makes our baby smell heavenly, cumfy pajamas, that rich gets to work from home so we get to see him almost daily-all day!, education, doctors and modern medicine, International Truck dealerships that buy trucks from Rich, that peoples hair grows and turns grey so that they need me to fix it, wonderful family and friends, and of course the Mexico house!

Isabella on Thanksgiving, she liked to eat the leaves, and I love her mischievious facial expression! That is definitely from her father!

These are her six month old pictures and they get to double for Christmas pictures! 

This is how she really feels about the flash in her eyes non-stop!
Gotta love the nakey baby pictures! Happy Holidays everyone. This time of year is the best!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We are thinking about dual citizenship....

So we went to Mexico again and people have started asking us if we are just trying to prepare them for when we move there permanently. But honestly I just do not have the will power in me to say no. So when it is available we go! Why not, right?! We really love it and have so much fun. We were able to take some friends with us this time because my mom and dad were out of town so they graciously allowed us to use it!
This is Lily and Stanton. Just playing together quietly like any two year olds would!
And Lola! Her dad put her in this chair and she was so cute just looking around. She was a really good baby!

Here is Noel and Isabella. Before we took this picture Isabella politely asked if she could chew on her robe because her teeth were killing her. So Noel sweetly said yes!

This is Stanton! And I LOVE his hair! It is always wild and awesome! And he is so sweet! We quickly became friends!
Daddy and Isabella!
Aawhh! The sunsets
Here are the friends we paid to come with us! Rob, Kimmie, Stanton, and Noel Curry
JJ and Jill Newell(rich's sisters). 3rd picture- Amanda and Jordan Glenn and their daughters Lily and Lola. Lola is only one month old! So cute! And of course Billy and Kati Cunningham graced us with their presence! Thanks everyone for a great trip!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lots of fun

So we went to the Monday night football game and can I just say Go cardinals! We went with Amber and Aaron and Mom and Dad! It was an amazing game!!!
Of course we had to tailgate before the game with our Diet cokes!of course we had to throw the football. I guess that is how you tailgate the cool way!

Isabella loves this piano. She gets very passionate about it!
Here she is for the first time in her high chair! So fun!
So we went to Mexico again and we love all the dead things that wash up on shore. Dolphins, sea lions, whales, birds, but this was new! A squid! It was just dying when we found it and was still inking and changing colors. Cool!
The beaultiful sunsets
Mom and dads house is the first greenish one, and our new favorite place to visit!
Isabella LOVES her daddy! How come moms do most of the work but daddys get the smiles?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Darn it!

So we I started to bleed the this weekend and we went to the hospital and found out that we had miscarried. But we are totally doing great and are happy that we even got pregnant with no help! I am blessed to be handling it so well and we are just so happy that we have Isabella! And so we are off to mexico for another week! Life is great isn't it!?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Her first meal!

So we decided to feed Isabella for the first time tonight! And she did really good! But she told us that as soon as possible she would like something that doesn't taste like saw dust!

The cute little ducky!

Once upon a time there was an egg. Then one day it started to crack and out popped a fuzzy little head....
Then we saw a little face and some hands and the fuzzy little chick said I want to get out...
So her daddy helped her climb out of the egg and helped her start to waddle, and she was bright eyed and amazed at the beautiful world outside of the egg! And her mommy and daddy thought she was the most beautiful chick in the whole wide world!

And now can I have my candy for wearing the silly costume? It is really hot in here!
the end!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oregon in the Fall!

Photo and video editing at
So we had the opportunity to go to Oregon last weekend to visit the Newells! We had so much fun! The weather was beautiful and the company was great! We went to a pumpkin patch on this beautiful farm, played lots of games, ate lots of food, and hung out! Rich and his brother went to an Oregon Ducks game(the real reason we went) and had a good time, but lets just say you don't want to be caught sitting in their seats;)! Anyways, we were lucky because the leaves were just starting to change and the colors were amazing! You forget that that is supposed to happen when you have lived in arizona for so long! This was the first time that Isabella got to meet some of her cousins and she was absolutely crazy about them! She loved to watch them and smile at them, and they were all so good with her. What great nieces and nephews we have! I went a little crazy with the camera but I couldn't help myself, I mean just look at all those cute faces! Thanks family for a great time!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ah those were the days?!

So I was thinking the other day..... how Isabella is now four months old and it has been only four months since I was big and fat and pregnant! And then I was thinking how fun that was especially the throwing up part!!! So then I was thinking, why not do it again? So wa la, we are six weeks pregnant! THATS WHAT I GET FOR THINKING!!
But we are very excitingly shocked! The babies will be exactly one year apart because their due dates are only 4 days apart(as per the internet). We were not planning it this early but we are grateful to be pregnant and feel blessed that Heavenly Father is entrusting to us another one of his children! What is life for if not for challenges! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger! right?!
So here we go on another adventure of life and we can't wait!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SOOO much to say! I hope you have a few minutes!

Oh my goodness, where to start?! So much has happened in three weeks! Isabella turned 4 months old today. She is so fun! She found her voice a couple of days ago so now when you ask her to talk she will tell you lots..very loudly! It is the best! I go to sleep hearing it in my head. She also has started to giggle and will do so more when she is tired. Its like she gets slap silly! I love it! She has also become a champion sleeper. About three weeks ago I started the babywise/put yourself to sleep method, and it was so hard! I don't know who cried more, me or her? But she wasn't sleeping, and waking up from naps after only a 1/2 hour and needed me to get her back to sleep. So I thought I would rather create a good habit now instead of fixing a bad one later. It only took about a day for her to figure it out and each week she slept longer and longer. She is now taking two to three good naps a day and sleeping 10-12 hours at night with one feeding! She wakes up so happy and rested and so do I. I know there is lots of different opinions over this but it worked for us! But she continues to grow and be the greatest joy in our lives!
Let the drool flow!

The first pictures are of Mexico. We all went down as a family(except Keith:(, and some friends after Ryan's homecoming talk. It was lots of fun. My little nieces are just about the cutest thing ever and it was so fun to be around them all the time! Kellene is just busy all the time and so sweet! Hannah loves to give kisses and needs to do so everytime she sees Isabella and proceeds to clap for herself afterwards! Both girls didn't really love touching the sand and when they would fall would try to get up without using their hands! So cute and two girls after my own heart! Isabella loves to watch them and they are so sweet with her! We took them all at sunset one night and tried to get their pictures, and lets just say it was close to bed time and took 5 of us to do so! My parents house is absolutely amazing and we feel so lucky to be there everytime we go! We just do lots of beach time, eat, play games, and hang out!
I did also get a new camera and mexico was my first time playing with it so sorry for ALL the pictures but I just couldn't choose!

Isn't that a cute center piece?

Not only do they look alike but they even make the same faces! It kills me! I swear there has got to be some of me in her... somewhere?
Cute mommy and Kellene
A cute pregnant mommy with her toddler on the beach
Hannah's sunscreen in the hair smile!
She loves to smile

A little sunset action!Thanks photographer Lindsay
This was Hilarious! He had his hands full
Mom and Lindsay

Grandpa and Hannah
Hannah loves to kiss to Isabella
Friends of ours. Jim and Heather Olsen
and their son Kaden! Look at those baby blues!

We also have been to the lake a lot recently. My aunt kelly and the triplets came down for Ryan's homecoming talk and we all went! Yes that is my mother wake surfing and me wakeboarding. Shocking I know because I get my athletic talent from my mother and lets just say that we will not be getting any trophy's soon... or ever! But we held our own. And of course Rich wakesurfing, but he's good at everything so thats nothing new! Isabella does good at the lake. She just chills and sleeps when shes tired!

And last but certanly not least are pictures of one of my best friends, Tejun, and her daughter Kayden.Kayden and Isabella were born three weeks apart and she has been a great help to me since she gets to go through everything three weeks sooner. So when her husband took Isabellas pictures we got some of the both of them and us. It was quite a challenge and the one of them on their tummys was taken right before they both rolled over on to their backs. It was so funny! It is crazy to think that we have been friends since the third grade and now we are having babies! So fun! Love you T!