Friday, March 14, 2008

It keeps growing & growing & growing....

here is the belly picture that has been requested. It is finally official. Yes there is a baby in there not a tumor:)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The baby world begins!!

So I actually have controlled myself pretty well in the shopping department! But here are the first things that we bought for her and my sister-in-laws and I painting the nursery. Rich was out of town and we were on a time crunch so the lovingly came to my mercy! I am having fun sewing the nursery and decorating but I seem to always create huge projects that I regret a little as I am doing them! Oh well! The baby is growing well and kicking lots and I am finally not sick! It only took about 23 weeks! So things are definitely looking up.

Viva Las Vegas for Valentines day!

Rich and I decided last minute to got to vegas on valentines day because he needed to go down for work anyways, so I tagged along! It was fun and fast. We went to dinner on Valentines day at a place in the Mandalay Bay where we were staying and the we went to the Shark Reef exhibit after. It was actually really cool and we were glad that we went. So here we are. The jelly fish were my favorite!