Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holy Schmoly! Go Cardinals!!!

So I think all of us Newells and many other Arizona Cardinals fans aged about 10 years on Sunday! That game was seriously amazing. But they sure made it a game as always and for a while there we thought they might lose ...but they got back in it and won. I think we all almost had heart attacks. The tension in the room was, well, tense! Rich has stood by them through the thick and thin andmMy brother-in-law Aaron has stood by even longer and I think that he serioulsy shed a tear when they won. And Rich lost his voice shouting for joy! (silly boys) But boy was it a stressful game! and so much fun!!so HOLY SCHMOLY!! were going to the Superbowl!
pulling our hair out with stress and fear...
the anguish.....
the concern.....
and the sweet joy of VICTORY!! GO CARDINALS!!!!
Aunt JJ was so happy and Isabella was really trying to enjoy in the fun!

So the kicker to all of this is that we will be in Florida on the Superbowl and I think I am going to have to lock all of our accounts to keep Rich from buying a ticket. Because in case you didn't know they are $2000 a ticket for the nose bleed section. So I am taking any donations and ideas you may have to win tickets. The Lord will understand, right?????

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So much fun!!

Lots going on! My sister Nikki and my niece are in town so we have been busy with parks, and ducks, and trains. It has been fun! Tomorrow we head for the zoo!
Last week, Rich had to go to L.A. for work so I decided to go with him last minute so we packed up and headed out. The reason for me going was that I wanted to go to Disneyland. No, not for Isabella, all for me. It was purely selfish. You see, we went to Disneyland almost every year growing up and now there are certain smells or seasons or anything that seriously make me crave going. And there was a great bonus. My sister-in-law Jill lives in Santa Monica and was such a great nanny to take along. She came with us in the day time and then kindly took Isabella home so that Rich and I could go alone at night. It was a lot busier going with a child, and Isabella could have cared less all she wants in life right now is something to chew on, and she slept through most of her time there. But it was lots of fun! I got my fix and should be okay for a while!

We all went to the park and mom was trying to get Isabella to smile for the camera but she only had eyes for grandma!
Miss blue eyes! Her lip works as a good chew toy!
Who is this super model you ask?! Oh that is Jill my sister-in-law! And yes she is available! But please send me those that are only very wealthy! I need to make sure that she is well taken care of!
Downtown Disney
She thought what I was saying was sooo interesting!
This was our attempt to get a picture with Isabella and the castle!
No not his second wife, his hot sister!!

Happy as can be! I love her in a hat. She looks like a little baby! (I guess as appossed to a big one?!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and seven months old!!

So its been again another month since I posted! Oh well! We've been busy! Isabella is now seven months old and has worked really hard on making these two new teeth! And she is sick right now with a cold and an ear infection! There is nothing worse than a sick baby, poor little girl!
Hey grandpa, can I poke your eye out? You know grandpa never says no! This is Christmas eve night! We went to Mexico with mom, dad, ryan, and an aunt and uncle.
Just a side note that this is how our child loves to sleep. Although it causes sleep loss in her parents. It scares me to death! She loves to have blankets around her face, so we give her very small, light ones!
So while we were in Mexico Gramps decided to pull out the Cat and knock down a sand dune that ran between our house and the next one. When there is a storm the next morning there is sand everywhere, so he decided to take matters into his own hands! Such a stud! Yes he is wearing ear muffs and goggles. All the cool people do it!
One of Isabella's new outfits!
On the beach! Burrrr! it was cold this time so we didn't spend too much time down here.
She LOVES to ride on daddy's shoulders. It instantly makes her happy. Even when she is sick in the middle of the night. Instant cry stopper!
So Isabella decided that Christmas TASTED great!!! Who cares about the presents, this wrapping paper stuff is great. But she did do pretty good at opening them! So fun
New Christmas Pajamas and she loves them!
Opening the Christmas pajamas! Still tastes good.
Oh, this is a different color I wonder if it tastes different?!
Christmas eve! Nothing like the ocean in the backround on Christmas!
Our attempt at a Family Christmas picture. We had it on a tripod and had to do the run back and forth thing. So this is what we got! Ahhh, memories!
Overall, December was great! Christmas was so much fun and relaxing once it came. Mom bought Rock band for everyone so that is what we spent a lot of our time on. Even grammy and gramps jammed it out! Rich spoiled me rotten, and Isabella was so much fun to watch! Children bring a whole new meaning to Chritmas!