Sunday, June 3, 2007

Aww... How it all began

Well everyone else was doing it and against all of my "follower" objections, I caved. Why not let the whole internet world in on our amazing life? I mean really, to deny others of the happiness we share, would be a crime;) So hopefully you all enjoy. Newest in our life was our trip to Oregon for camping on the coast with the Newell clan. We had a blast. Did we take pictures? Of course not, that would have been smart. But I am sure that someone did. So use your imagination of lush green forest, peolple at once in a tiny trailer, foil dinners, camp fires, and all that goes with it including two meals consisting of beans. What a treat. And of course sleeping in a tent. To go along with camping I only showered once and was pretty dang proud of myself. Something about that clean fresh air that just makes you feel fresh!(i didn't say it made you smell that way) Rich built some pretty amazing fires and played some mean games of Bacchi(sp?). What a weekend. Other than that all is good in our lives. Rich is enjoying his new job with International Trucks and I am still hanging in there at the salon. Church is great. Rich and I have both been given new callings and are excited to learn new things.