Monday, January 21, 2008

Its a GIRL!!

Yes, we are pregnant! And we just found out today that we are having a healthy baby girl. We feel so blessed! Although I have to say that I was shocked because I just knew that it was a boy. It was a little humbling for me:)We are going to name her Isabella, but don't know about the middle name yet. We are due June 13th which makes me about 19 weeks along, and I have been lucky enough to be very sick the entire time! but it might be easing up because I haven't thrown up in 2 whole days!!Wa-hoo! Its the little things in life that make us happy! We had a little bleeding scare at about 12 weeks but all is well and the Dr. said today the he couldn't be happier with the way the she looks! What a miracle she is! I told Rich this morning as soon as the ultrasound tech left, "uh-oh this is going to be expensive!" Can I just say
LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!(we just got back from babies'r'us:) Hope all is well in the blogger world since I have been MIA, but it seems like when you have a baby that you don't have that option and we might as well rename the blog to Isabella!! We'll see...