Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Holiday Season

So we were lucky enough to be able to go to Utah for Thanksgiving.My sister Nikki lives there, my brother Ryan, and my aunt Kelly and cousins. It was a great trip! The weather was not too cold, the company was great and the food was good! We had an early flight on Wednesday morning and by the time that we got to the Hotel and got Isabella's crib set up she literally begged to get in it so she could take a nap! It was hilarious!
Hangin out in her crib in her swimsuit. We were on our way to the spa which was closed because someone put shampoo in it! We were way bummed and so was she!
Why, do you ask, does she look traumatized? Because she was recovering from a meeting with....
SANTA! Santa tried to say hi to her. We went to breakfast with Santa, Charming right?! She did not think so. She saw him coming before I did and immediately grabbed on to me and started screaming. It was pretty funny. So this is our picture with Santa for this year.
How many people does it take to change a light bulb? Apparently 2 men and a dog!
A magical sleigh ride!
The host of Thanksgiving! Our Aunt Kelly. She has just moved to Utah and so we went to spend Thanksgiving with her
Nate and Kellene with the Jazz's mascot. Our hotel had great activities including Teddy Bear town and he was going to cut the ribbon f
Nikki and Dad on Thanksgiving, cooking in the kitchen
Mom and the two girls being silly with the spoons. I wonder where they got their blue eyes?!!
This is Dad and Ryan's buddy Dick. He has become an extension to our family and we love him!
So her new thing is to lay down anywhere she feels like it to see what that particular floor feels like. And i mean anywhere, in stores, at church, in the middle of the airport.....
We got to see Aunt Jill for an evening when we were there. Isabella Loves her!
Mom being goofy as we make another attempt at christmas pictures, we probably took 150 different shots and not ONE has all of us looking at the camera!

This is Rich and Ryan striking some very serious poses for the camera!
Isabella and I
She said," He comes out of where?!?"
Christmas pictures this year have been disastorous! This is one of the only decent ones
At the Zoo with our new Wagon!Thank you Grammy and Grandpa!
We are excited for Christmas and will talk as little of Santa to Isabella as possible! We get to go to Oregon to be with Rich's family and have a cold Christmas! I hope everyone has a great Holiday!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Isabella's first day at nursery

She is now 18 months old, which is hard to believe and went to nursery! We were looking forward to this day for a while. So a nervous mommy took her in and with all of my courage and faith in the nursery leaders, I left her. And she did great! No tears and drew a picture and everything! Look how well she color in the lines, my child is a genius! ;) We were so happy!! I think someone was jealous of her bow and tried to rip it out because that is not how it looked when I left her!(actually most likely it was her that tried to pull it out!)