Monday, October 17, 2011

7 months old and September

Well I quickly needed to post Anderson's 7 month pictures before he turns 8 months old. September was CRAZY! We were gone for most of it and on the go! We did Oregon, Hawaii, and Mexico! We are so blessed! So here are a few quick pictures which I hope to post in detail later each event!

this is in Washington for Aunt Jennifer's wedding! It was beautiful and great!
My two cuties!
Anderson's first swing ride! He wasn't too sure about it but came around at the end
Anderson in Mexico!
In his 7th month he
-got his two top teeth
-got his first cold
-got to meet all of his cousins and aunts and uncles
-slept in his first tent
-went camping and to the beach
- went to the park for the first time
- is so happy
-drools like crazy
-loves to growl and spit
- still so giggly
-loves to play and talk to sister
-started to know who his family is and pumps his arms and grunts when he sees us!
-Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
- Hates to have his nose wiped or cream put on his face
-has a bad case of never ending eczema on his face
-so much fun to be around
-wearing 18 month clothing!!!
Us in Hawaii! I am still having withdrawls and crazy cravings to go back! ;)
It was a great month!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

weighing in

A quick post for Andersons 6 month check up! He now has 2 teeth on the bottom which he got last week and he weighed 21.6lbs and 29 1/2 inches long. The doctor said that he is not fat just big and his weight and height match perfectly. I guess we will have to quit calling him "chubba and chunk"! He took his shots like a champ and is still so fun!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


He is almost 6 months old and it kills me! He is growing up too fast! He got his first tooth this week and found his high pitched girl voice that he loved practicing at church! He is almost sitting up and while taking this picture turned himself all the way around in a circle. Teething has not been fun but he still has a great attitude despite it. He loves eating his new foods, but surprisingly not a fan of the banana. He has been on strike a little with the bottle partly because he is teething but in my opinion because he just wants to eat the real stuff. He is wearing 12 month clothing and wearing them well. He loves jumping in his play things and is obsessed with soccer balls! He is still so giggly and loves people! We are having lots of fun with him and love him so much!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 months old and July

Anderson is 5 months old today! I can't believe it! It is going so fast and I want it to stop. He is still such a happy and easy baby. He is so giggly and makes me feel like I am the funniest person in the world because he will laugh and anything I do! He will sleep through the night on most days unless he is teething or sick. He goes with the flow so well no matter if he is on schedule or off, which I am so grateful for because we are on the go a lot. I would say next to me he loves his Aunt Amber and Lindsay most. He loves to smile and play with them. He is a big flirt and will smile and laugh for anyone that will give him attention. He has started trying to take food out of my hand, but understandably, doesn't think rice cereal is the greatest thing. He is wearing 9-12 month clothing and I swear as soon as I buy something he is out of it. He really is such a sweet little guy and we are so blessed to have him! Love you Bubba!

He loves his bouncer and excersaucer
He is like, really guys this is not funny. I'm not a doll.(this is Isabella's doll stroller) She thought it was great fun to push him around in it!
This is his serious face, because come on, being superman is serious business!!

I guess I turned 30 this month and Rich and I had out 6th wedding anniversary! Those holidays are a day apart so they most of the time get lumped together. (I don't know what I was thinking when we decided on that day!) But both holidays were good and low key which was what I wanted
Kellene came to visit and got to stay with us for a week. She is so cute and so well behaved! We loved having her. The only down side was that we all got the flu that week including her. All of us took turns on different days but she and I were sick on the same day! But she was a good bed buddy to be sick with and she got over it the fastest.
All three kiddos before bed. This was the best I got of all three of them looking
I flat ironed Isabellas hair for the first time. Loved It
Hannah and Anderson watching the Ipad together. He kept touching the screen and she would tell him not to so she finally moved over and said," If you are not going to listen to me then you can not watch the Ipad with me!" and he promptly fell over on her and spit up! We laughed out loud about that one!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Isabella's 3rd Birthday

Three year olds are oh so fun! She keeps us on our toes and happy as can be. We had a little swim party at our house for her birthday and she had lots of fun! It is fun to see her excitement about things now that she gets it! So here are a few pictures of what she has been up to lately and her party!
Isabella has really been enjoying all of the baskets and things we have in our house now due to Anderson. It cracks me up!
In his car seat peeking out and then hiding when there was a scary part in her movie
She spent a lot of time in this for a couple of days. I had it downstairs so I could give it away and in the mean time she had a blast!
Just enjoying a Popsicle in this handy little bouncer. She luckily is still such a petite little thing that I have no worry of her breaking things!
Just before her first ballet class!

She sang happy birthday to herself 3 times before we could get the candles lit and everyone in the house. it was so funny! She loves cakes and ice cream and birthday parties!!!
All the kiddos in the play pool. They were all so cold. Of course when you count on Arizona to be hot, it wasn't!
Aunt JJ and Uncle Zac got her a scooter and stole the day! She is sooo in love with it and the next morning even said,"ohhh my scooter, good morning scooter!"
Don't worry that I curled her hair for the 2nd time in her life and before I was aware she went right down stairs and dunked herself in the pool! So this is the aftermath
Happy Birthday Isabella! We love you sooooo much!!!!

Isabella turns 3 and Anderson 3 months!

Isabella turned 3 and Anderson is now over 3 months old. Time is sure flying. I took these pictures for Rich for fathers day and let me tell you it was a labor of love. I almost needed to be commited after trying to get a 3 year old and baby to smile at the same time and it never really happened. But we got some cute individual ones.
Isabella-she is a busy body and the life of the party! She has so much excitement about life and
she shows it. Someone in church yesterday that was sitting behind us tapped me on the shoulder, after rich took her out kicking and screaming, and said that girl has a lot of spirit in her little body! She loves to watch her movies, mostly Curious George and Diego. She loves ice cream, ballons, helping mom bake(mostly tasting all of the batters), swimming, the zoo, water and washing her hands with pump soap(as she calls it), taking baths, french fries with ketchup, playing in her play pin, wrestling with daddy and building forts. She has started a little dance class and soccer and likes them both. She loves to run and be tickled, she still doesn't like to eat much, but sleeps well. She won't sleep in her big girl bed yet and insists on sleeping in her little bed which is a play pin since Anderson took her crib. My favorite things she says right now is, mmm delicious, how she says her name, I can't wait!, I am so excited, and whata we gonna do next?. She loves people especially family and cousins!She is definitely a fiesty soul but brings us so much joy and is so patient with us as mommy and daddy learn how to handle each new stage and situation that she throws our way!

Anderson is such a happy baby. No matter how much he has slept or eaten he will always smile at you before he cries. He is sleeping mostly through the night from about 8-5 and most days that feels like mommy's greatest accomplishment! He has rolled over once, teething like crazy, and is wearing 9 month clothing! He is so giggly and thinks everything I do to make him laugh is hilarious! I don't know how I got so lucky to have 2 such happy babies but I won't complain! We sure love this little guy and love all that he has brought to our lives!

These two are getting along well. She thumps him a little to hard on the head sometimes as she says good boy, but overall is sweet to him and tries to help. He loves when she gives him attention and will look for her if he hears her in the room(and sometimes flinch:)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Anderson's Blessing at 10 weeks old!

It was a wonderful day and everything went smoothly. Anderson was perfect for his blessing and Rich did a beautiful job. Thanks to all of the family for coming and making it such a great and memorable day. I have to say I feel so blessed with such beautiful, happy little children and such a wonderful husband and family and that I am so grateful for. Life just gets better and better!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

5 weeks old

Mr. handsome here is 5 weeks old today and I can hardly believe it! Time is going so fast and I hate it! He is so sweet and cuddly and loves to be held! As at this moment I am typing with one hand, so please excuse punctuation errors! We love him so much and it has been a fairly smooth transition as i am figuring out life with two busy bodies! showers and food on a normal schedule have been thrown out the window, and learning to not think about how much sleep I got that night seems to help my mood! but I am more than happy to make all of these small sacrifices for these wonderful children!
Anderson is still big believe it or not and growing by the minute. He has the cutest cry and I hope he wont remember me giggling when he does cry, because he is just so cute. He gets all worked up quickly and starts with a snorting sound, that a friend of mine thought it was the dog that we don't have! He is sleeping and eating like a new born every 3-4 hours, which I really can't complain! Isabella is loving him and is very sweet with him. She will hold him and say, i lub you, boo boo boo baby! or she will run up and kiss him on his head and then shake his hand and say, "how are you?" Sooo funny and cute! she doesn't like him to cry so she will push me to him and say , get it, or feed it! Such a good helper!

this one is anderson and the second one is Isabella. I think they look alike, she was just a lot smaller
love his baby blues!!!!
This hat is from my brother in laws, mom! she made it and we love it!
cross eyes! I love it!

snuggling with his teddy bear
after his first hair cut! so handsome!
before his first haircut
hey guys! he was about 2 weeks old here
We gave him a bath in the sink last night like we used to do with Isabella, except he doesn't fit quite as well! He was a little cold!
this is isabella at 5 weeks