Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween, family, and outings!

We got to go to the lake lots this summer but Isabella only went once and she actually really liked it! It was fun to watch her little face! She liked to help Grandpa drive the boat!
Hangin out at the zoo! Cousin Kellene came to visit for a couple of weeks and it was so fun because the girls were both at good ages where they played really well together. We spent most days with her while she was there, and Isabella loved having a friend to play with everywhere we went! It was the best!!! Kellene was so good to her! As are all of her cousins. She is a lucky girl!
Best Buddies
Kellene wanted to go on the log ride at the Zoo and of course once Isabella saw that she had to go to. I was shocked and Grammy took one for the team and took her for me. She liked it until the very end when the wind blew those sprays right on them and soaked both of them. She didn't like the getting wet part. But I was pretty proud of her braveness!
They would hold hands whenever we were walking in parking lots so that we could stay together and I finally got a picture of it!
Kellene was giving Isabella a ride on the tricycle. It was so cute and their faces say it all! They were having so much fun at the children's museum. Isabella was so sad when she went home. I think it took a couple of weeks before she stopped looking for her when we went over to Grammy's house! I love cousins!
MY MAN cooking homemade empanadas from scratch. The recipe was straight from Argentina from his mission, and they were good. I didn't help once!

she wouldn't smile for the camera. So this is what we got. You know she was in deep thought over some serious stuff just then:)
The belly. I swear it has doubled in the last couple of weeks! This was at week 22.
Playing in one of the three little pigs houses at the pumpkin patch.
Raggedy Ann for the play group Halloween party. She was supposed to be a Lady Bug, which she was for 2 of the 4 dressing up occasions. But Arizona was so hot this year that when it came time for parties that were during the day, I had to come up with something a little cooler. 94 degrees on Halloween was a little ridiculous!!!
Here she was as a fairy princess. I think she liked this costume the best! And it was the least hot. She wore this one to the Midwestern Halloween party, which was lots of fun with lots of candy. I think she learned to like Halloween there!
She has this new thing where she needs all of her "friends" around her and at least 2 or 3 of them come with us in the car or to bed etc. But the baby is definitely her favorite right now!
We just got back from Mexico and all the boys did fire works, which Isabella did not enjoy. She has always been pretty sensitive to loud noises. But one thing that she did like was their head lamps! She left it on for quite a while!


Ashlee said...

It is always fun when cousins come to town! Love that she had multiple Halloween costumes! Of course you look great at 22weeks prego! Love you guys.

Mands Glenn said...

Great post! What Zoo is that? I love that I has so many " friends." My girls do the same thing. Love your cute tummy shot. You are getting so close!

Matt & Beth said...

The pictures that you took are priceless, I love the one of Isabella looking out at something. Such a pretty girl. Way to go Rich! Earn some major brownie points. I love the pj's at the end of the blog. Paige had these pj's. Love you all. Can't wait to see you very soon.

T. said...

Hey we love the post! It is great to see Isabella growing up even though we don't see you much! We look forward to Thanksgiving. Hey Rich bring your recipe for empanadas! I would love to try some! Julie you look so good--as always :) Love you guys, Tricia

Amber said...

Oh man, she is so cute! You need to tell Rich to make some of those empanadas for me :) It was great seeing you guys the other night.

Jill said...

Everyone is crazy about the empanadas, but I will be the judge of that since I've had Argentine empanadas in Argentina--so I guess I'll just have to come and visit and have Rich make them. ;-)

As always, I. is a DOLL. Love the costumes.

And you look LOVELY prego, how do you do it?

maddie said...

she looks so big now! I cannot wait to see you guys for thanksgiving! love you guys


Elise said...

I am so glad you posted a prego pic! you look great! We are so happy for you guys!! Isabella is such a doll!

Greg and Tammy said...

What adorable Halloween costumes!! You're looking fantastic!!