Thursday, August 27, 2009

The miracle of the Blue Blanket!!

So, because we are brillant(not), we finally hung a big thick blue blanket over Isabellas's window to block out the light. And lo and behold she now sleeps till 7, instead of 5:30!!! Life is good and it is truly a miracl. Now we wake up to the sun shinning instead of it being dark, and we are all happy.It only took us a year to figure that one out!


Jen said...

but you will know for the next time!!
ours was dark green bath towels when seth was little!

Greg and Tammy said...

I didn't know she was such an early riser.... or I would have recommended that a LONG time ago! Luckily, we figured it out with Emma and she pretty consistently sleeps until 8:00 every morning. YAHOOO!! It covers up the cute curtains that match her room, but I am willing to sacrifice "appearance" for sleep. :)

Mands Glenn said...

I still haven't done it to Lillys room here at the new house. I need to do it. Glad it made such a difference. Gotta love your spunky, go-getter little Gal! Lets play soon. COme over, YO!