Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Nikki!!

It is my sisters 30th birthday today and as usual I didn't call until 10:00 at night and they were already asleep:( I am the WORST at birthdays as most of you already know)(i'll try harder!) So Happy Birthday Nickle>She is a great person with lots of talents! You should see her on a ski slope, a river, a ranch, a motorcycle, on a boat/kayak, on a mountain with a bike, with a crochet hook/sewing machine, with animals and children, behind a camera, and a computer! She is a great mom, wife, daughter, and sister1 She can eat sugar better than anyone I know! She loves adventure and adrenalin rushes and she is very smart, kind, and crafty;she could probably fix something in my house better than Rich! and she is so much more!I hope that you had a great day because you are a great person!!!! I love you and miss you! And I love that no matter how old I get you will always be OLDER!!;)