Monday, September 1, 2008

This was a big week!

So we blessed Isabella last week. We waited so long so that my brother Ryan could be there. He just got back off his mission three days before. It was such a great day and the blessing was beautiful. The only problem was that they almost DROOPED HER! How can 9 men almost drop a tiny baby! She is a wiggler and I think they lost her in all that dress. But it was so fun. Then this week she started TEETHING and she ROLLED OVER!  She is growing so fast, it is fun and sad all at the same time. So needless to say it was a big week!Rich's Mom came down for the blessing and she crochetted this beautiful aftgan for her! Thanks MOM 
Here is everyone that was there minus the guest of honor, Ryan.  Nikki and kellene also flew down for the blessing! And lots of friends and family.
                  Our little family!
This is Teaghen, shes two, and Isabella. Teaghen loved Isabella, and Isabella loved Teaghen. It was a win-win situation! So cute!



I'm so sad we weren't there. I can't even tell you how beautiful that little girl is in that dress!! Oh my goodness! SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad the day went well. I can't wait to come and play!!

The Robinson Family said...

It was a fun weekend. I was glad to be there for the blessing! And we get to come back in less than 2 weeks, Yeah!!!!

Natalie Service said...

She makes that dress look goooood! She's beautiful, Julie! I'm so glad to hear they didn't drop her! We have a friend who walked all the way up to the front to bless his baby...and forgot the baby! Men!
What a great weekend!