Monday, September 1, 2008

Indianna Jones? nope, Evansville

So mom and I went down to Indiana to visit Hannah, oh and Keith and Lindsay. They have the cutest house and it is a cute little town. Unfortunately I got the shingles while I was there so I didn't feel the greatest but we still had lots of fun! Lindsay and Keith found out that they were having a girl while we were there and we even got to see her on ultrasound. Hannah is so fun. She does so many tricks and learns so quickly! She is the sweetest little girl and will give kisses to anybody!  We miss you guys!!So I have learned a thing or two about natural blondes over my years of hairdressing, they should stay blonde! But they always want to try something new which is great, it is just a very long process to go back to blonde. Lindsay had started the process with a hair dresser in Indiana but I just had to go and fix it. The first try was a little orange, and I just couldn't understand why she didn't like it. Doesn't it compliment her features so well??

And here is the finished product! I know she was little scared in between but it turned out okay. Isn't she lovely!

I just love this Face!! Is she not the cutest thing ever! I think this was mac'n'cheese that she was displaying for us
Here is Uncle Keith and Isabella! Poor Keith was on call the whole time that we were there so we didn't get to see him much! But when he was home it was fun and let me tell you he sure loves his Hannah! It was very kind of him to take time away to hold Isabella!!
So here are a few of the townsfolk in Indiana. A strange bunch down there. j.k. This is Natalie and Miles, Lindsays brother and sister. They are a ton of fun and we were lucky enough to see them because our trips overlapped a day!
And here is the beautiful Tatem. She is the prettiest baby. She is four months old and already holds her own bottle and rolls over and giggles sooo cute. Isabella aspires to be just like her.  though she can't figure out why mommy keeps putting her hands on her bottle?
So this is a little blurry but it was our attempt to have Hannah hold Isabella so we could get a cute picture. It lasted about 10 seconds. But Hannah was so good with her. She never once tried to hit her or poke her eyes out and was very sweet with her. Her new sister is lucky to have her


THE BANGARTS said... That hair....I'm pretty much speechless. I don't know why we fixed the orange cause it is BEAUTIFUL! My hair has such You are a magician!

Loved this post! I'm SO happy you came to visit. We had such a great time and I miss you all! Kiss that miss Isabella for me!!

Natalie Service said...

There is just something striking about those Anderson Kids, huh! There is just something about them. Oh, maybe it's that they have all LIVED in the MidWest at some point in there lives. Yup. The Midwest has really had an affect on all of them! You should be glad you just came to VISIT and then got out of there.
I'm so glad we got to see you and your sweet Isabella. She's beautiful! I wish we lived closer because Tatem keeps asking about her best friend with the pretty blue eyes. She can't always remember her name, but will always remember those amazingly brilliant blues! I mean, Tatem enjoyed Hannah and all, but she just knows if she hangs with Isabella, she wont get sat on! That makes for a good friendship!