Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lots of fun

So we went to the Monday night football game and can I just say Go cardinals! We went with Amber and Aaron and Mom and Dad! It was an amazing game!!!
Of course we had to tailgate before the game with our Diet cokes!of course we had to throw the football. I guess that is how you tailgate the cool way!

Isabella loves this piano. She gets very passionate about it!
Here she is for the first time in her high chair! So fun!
So we went to Mexico again and we love all the dead things that wash up on shore. Dolphins, sea lions, whales, birds, but this was new! A squid! It was just dying when we found it and was still inking and changing colors. Cool!
The beaultiful sunsets
Mom and dads house is the first greenish one, and our new favorite place to visit!
Isabella LOVES her daddy! How come moms do most of the work but daddys get the smiles?


Emily Johnson said...

How fun!! She is so stinkin cute!!! I love your hair Julie, it is so pretty!

Chareese said...

She is getting so Big! Make her stop! I can't to see you both!

Cathy said...

I love that last picture of her. She has such a great face. Kind of concerned and confused (she was probably looking at daddy:) She is beautiful. Looks like you are having so much fun!


Ashlee said...

I want to know what your friend was doing touching that squid. I would have stayed far far away. I'm jealous of your fun trips to Mexico, but not so jealous of your time at the football game:) Can't wait to see Isabella again. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Jennifer Newell said...

How cute are you all. Love seeing pictures and wishing I was there...with you and in Mexico in the sun!....rain, rain, here in WA.

It's me...J.J. :) said...

So fun...loved catching up with you guys.

The Robinson Family said...

I can't believe Heather picked up that squid. She is Iron Woman! Isabella is getting to big. You need to come up to Utah for a visit!