Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Six Months Old!

First of all! Happy thanksgiving! Ours sure was! We are sure thankful for our Isabella, she is the joy of our days! And we are so thankful for a kind Heavenly Father who allowed us to have her on this earth. We are so thankful for forever families, the gospel, air conditioning, warm running water, toilets that flush, Pure Beech sheets from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, the internet, our health, noodles and boo baby wash that makes our baby smell heavenly, cumfy pajamas, that rich gets to work from home so we get to see him almost daily-all day!, education, doctors and modern medicine, International Truck dealerships that buy trucks from Rich, that peoples hair grows and turns grey so that they need me to fix it, wonderful family and friends, and of course the Mexico house!

Isabella on Thanksgiving, she liked to eat the leaves, and I love her mischievious facial expression! That is definitely from her father!

These are her six month old pictures and they get to double for Christmas pictures! 

This is how she really feels about the flash in her eyes non-stop!
Gotta love the nakey baby pictures! Happy Holidays everyone. This time of year is the best!


Ashlee said...

Look at those eyes! She is so beautiful.

Jen said...

i loved your list of thankfuls sometimes I think i need to do that to remind myself of all that i have. and she is too cute. I love the picture where she has the rich face! and nakey baby pictures are soooo the best!

Corissa and Spencer Smith said...

Hi Julie! You two have such a beautiful little angel! I loved your thankful list too! I love this time of year when we can really reflect on all that we've been given... I love life! Thank you for sharing yours with us!

The Robinson Review said...

Nothing like the pure beech sheets, I agree. Love the pictures of Isabella! Happy thanksgiving too!


I'm gonna need to kiss those little cheeks of hers real soon!!! And amen to pure beach sheets. It's like a little piece of heaven to sleep on! I MISS YOU!!!

Rob and Kimmie said...

She is just the MOST adorable little girl ever! She is cute in every picture and always so sweet and happy to be around! Plus, you dress her cute too!

JJ, Mands, Lilly and Lola said...

Jewels, did you take those pics of Cute Isabella. If so. . . I'm first in line to get some taken of my girls. She is a doll face. I love how she is always moving and looking and discovering. You two make gorgeous babies. You need to have lots and lots!