Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Isabella turns 4!

Isabella turned 4 in May!! I can not believe how fast this precious time is flying. She is such a joy in our lives and has taught us so much about life. Being a parent is one of those sacred opportunities that no one can prepare you for, or explain the meaning and impact it will have on your life. Because there are no words strong enough to explain the emotions that surround it. She is our joy, laughter, frustration, education, strength and love. Everyday is a new adventure with her that teaches me so much about her and about myself. I am grateful everyday for the blessing I have of being her mother. Things about Isabella at 4: She loves to sing LOUDLY to her favorite tv shows She loves friends She loves water of any kind She is still a great sleeper She asks for broccoli at dinner Her favorite foods are beans and rice, top ramen, chicken nuggets, french fries-but only with ketchup, vanilla ice cream with sprinkles,fishes, potatoes, green beans, apple juice and skittles She loves to read books She loves the little Mermaid, Ariel She loves her gymnastics class She still wants to go back to nursery and tolerates primary She gives the best hugs and kisses Loves to be surrounded by blankets and stuffed animals when she sleeps She loves parties of any kind! But wants to know where the presents are at every occasion. She loves to dance like a ballerina She hates itchy clothes and having her hair done She loves when people come over and no matter their age, she asks them to play with her!

      10 days old

3 months old

Loves the beach and asks at least once a week when we are going to Grammy's beach house

9 months old. She was a really happy baby with smiles for everyone
loves the sand

Love this picture and this memory. SLC for Thanksgiving. It was freezing cold but she just wanted to roll around and giggle on the grass!

pooping face

she shimmied right up to this llama

Her 2nd birthday party.

15 months old

She still loves to cuddle up in mom and dads bed
Our happy girl

her first ballet class

3 years old

Her 3rd birthday party. I had battled with her to curl her hair for it and she promptly went downstairs and got right in the pool!

first time we straightened her hair. I had to be sneaky about it!

She loves to swing

If you have been around us much, you know that this is Isabella's favorite outfit. It will be a sad day when she realizes that she can no longer do this all the time

At Grammy's beach house

This little girl adores her Daddy! It is a celebration everyday when he comes home

Roller skates and  a princess night gown! Birthday presents from both of her Grandmas

First time at the dentist. The tears happened after this picture

She is seriously my little sidekick! I hope it stays that way

Our first time at Disney land. We couldn't get her to wear her crown any other way. It was Hilarious!

She loves to take pictures of herself with my phone. I have about 100 of these so I had to post one!

She loves to paint and play with play dough and this is usually a daily occurrence

All dressed to go out in the rain in rainy Eugene!

Her favorite, Vanilla Ice cream and rainbow sprinkles, for her birthday

Love this little girl!!!Happy 4th Birthday!!


Amber said...

Such cute pictures! I sure do miss my Isabella and Anderson! Love you guys ;)

Matt and Beth said...

We love you Isabella!

Ashlee said...

What a happy girl! It was great to see you guys! It is nice having you closer!

The J J Glenn Family said...

Sweet girl and Gorgeous BIG girl! WoW!! 4 already! I think 3 and 4 year old girls are the best age. So sweet:)

Jill said...

hooray! she is such a doll, just like mommy. happy birthday, isabella!

Maria said...

She is seriously the cutest girl. Lincoln still talks about Isabella and how she gave him dinosaurs for his 3rd birthday. He still loves them btw. I hope we can all cross paths again someday! We miss you guys!!