Monday, June 13, 2011

Isabella's 3rd Birthday

Three year olds are oh so fun! She keeps us on our toes and happy as can be. We had a little swim party at our house for her birthday and she had lots of fun! It is fun to see her excitement about things now that she gets it! So here are a few pictures of what she has been up to lately and her party!
Isabella has really been enjoying all of the baskets and things we have in our house now due to Anderson. It cracks me up!
In his car seat peeking out and then hiding when there was a scary part in her movie
She spent a lot of time in this for a couple of days. I had it downstairs so I could give it away and in the mean time she had a blast!
Just enjoying a Popsicle in this handy little bouncer. She luckily is still such a petite little thing that I have no worry of her breaking things!
Just before her first ballet class!

She sang happy birthday to herself 3 times before we could get the candles lit and everyone in the house. it was so funny! She loves cakes and ice cream and birthday parties!!!
All the kiddos in the play pool. They were all so cold. Of course when you count on Arizona to be hot, it wasn't!
Aunt JJ and Uncle Zac got her a scooter and stole the day! She is sooo in love with it and the next morning even said,"ohhh my scooter, good morning scooter!"
Don't worry that I curled her hair for the 2nd time in her life and before I was aware she went right down stairs and dunked herself in the pool! So this is the aftermath
Happy Birthday Isabella! We love you sooooo much!!!!


Matt and Beth said...

I wish that I could fit in the "baskets". Fun! Fun! Fun!