Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So I feel like this picture explains it all. Lots of fun, lots of chaos, lots of laughing, and LOTS of people! We were lucky enough to have another Newell Christmas this year in Eugene, OR. And Santa granted my wish and brought NO rain all week. For Oregon that truly is a Christmas miracle! We went for a week and the time flew by! We had lots of activities and not a lot of sleep, but that is what makes the memories! Isabella was a champ with moving from place to place, being woken up in the middle of the night, airplanes, no schedule, and lots of cousins(whom she loves, but is not quite used to yet!) Our newest member of the family, Zac, was baptised on Dec. 18th and we all got to be there on the Sunday after Christmas as he received the priesthood. It was pretty neat, and he is a pretty great guy. We are all so happy for him!!!
So our activities included lots of caroling, roller skating, games, lots of food, the nativity, family pictures, shopping, wrapping and lots of opening!! We had a great time and are so grateful for our family and how loyal and supportive they all are. Not to many people can say that they like everyone in their family, and that they all get along and that they all(29 people) fit into One house and three trailers and all come out smiling with memories!!! We just want to give a shout out to MOM who works unselfishly and endlessly on our behalf, so that we are all happy! You are amazing Mom and we love you!! You threw an awesome week long party!!

all the grandchildren with grandma and grandpa. Did we mention it was about 30 degrees when we took this and the children were such good sports but very cold!
The last and final attempt at a family Christmas picture.
When we went roller skating, Aaron dedicated a song to amber and she had to go to the middle of the rink all by herself to accept the rose! Just like in high school. It was so funny!
Christmas madness! all 29 of us AND our gifts
These cute girly girls and their Christmas matching outfits from Grandma!So cute. There is a one year difference between Isabella and them!
Opening gifts with Isabella was a little challenging! But she did enjoy her gifts!
Sharing a family skate!
SO cute! Tyler who is 4 months older than Isabella was so sweet to her all week even though she bit him a few times!( sorry Tyler) He would just walk up and hug and hug her and kiss her. She didn't know quite what to think but it was so cute. And I think that she finally warmed up to him at the end!

Aren't we GORGEOUS!
Before we left we got spoiled by having another Christmas with my parents! So fun! Mom even got out the Martinellis and Snacks so it would really feel like Christmas!
Isabella is definitely a Grammy's girl. She will take her over ANYONE!

Attempt #496. Way too many chins in this picture, but it was fun!
Hope everyone had a great holiday! We are excited to start a new year and can't wait to see what life will bring us this year!!


Ashlee said...

Great pics! I especially loved the one of Tyler and Isabella, I hadn't seen it before. We sure had a great time with everyone! Maybe in two years we should do Christmas in a Mansion!

Matt & Beth said...

Very good post. Thanks for showing the pictures. You are amazing! Loved spending time with you guys. Happy New Year.

Amber said...

Oh so much fun!! I love all of the pictures. I do love that crazy picture of all of us. It explains it all. Too bad Aaron looks sick! I love the family photo. So cute!! Love you guys.

Jill said...

yippie! family pix. thanks so much for taking these--you are a wonder.

i had so much fun. and we made it through yet another holiday in a small house with a BIG family.

i love the pic of isabella and tyler and all the little girls in the outfits from grandma.