Sunday, July 26, 2009

Toomer Family Reunion-Fourth of July!(and Lake Powell)

So we went to Rich's Mom's side,family reunion. Every three to five years one of the siblings takes a turn and plans a reunion. This year our numbers totaled at 98 people and it was Rich's Moms turn. She did the most AMAZING job on everything!! The food was elaborate and amazing, the activites were great, the place was great, and so was the company! Awesome job MOM we love you and thank you so much for all that you did!! It was 3 nights and four days at a camp/reunion site 3 hours north of Boise, Idaho. A very cool place if anyone is looking for a spot. It is called May's family ranch. Any ways here are a few pictures out lining our stay!!

This is a view from a hill behind the ranch that we climed the first morning. We stayed in the tall A-frame house on the left.and notice the cool water slide
Rich's 2nd oldest sister Tricia and one of our cousins, Shalayna.

The Woman who can do ANYTHING!!!!!!she probably worked 14 hours a day while we were there to feed everyone and making sure everyone was happy! And endless hours before the trip
Hannah, Isabella, and Madeline. These are our neices
Our nephews Ben and Tyler. SOOO cute
Hannah, Madaline, Ben, and Taylor. More newell cousins
The whole Family!!!
The crazy newells
The soon to be newest additions to the family. This is Zack and Alex, whom JJ is marrying in September. He proposed while we were up there! Congratulations we love you!!
Bailey on the fun water slide
Us on the morning Hike and also the fourth of July
Me and Beth cooking the first day
This is the famous Tee-pee that the boys slept in the first night of our adventure. It is a long story but one that will probably always be remembered!
Here is dad, ryan, me and Mom at Lake powell. We ran up there for a few days and were lucky to have some friends take care of Isabella for us!
Most of the crew on our boat taking the legendary last jump of the top of the house boat and shower, on our way back to the marina. This another trip where our dear parents work their tails of so that we can have fun! And we sooooo appreciate it and have the best memories because of them. Thanks MOM and DAD!!! We love you!!


Matt & Beth said...

Great pictures Julie!! I love them all. The one of Tyler and Ben is amazing.