Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Murder, Mystery, and the 50's

So before Memorial Day, Rich's parents came to visit because our brother-in-law, Aaron, graduated from ASU. GO Aaron!!! Anyways, we took the opportunity to have a murder mystery dinner. It was a 50's diner theme, so we all dressed up and even went and got some decorations to turn our kitchen into a 50's flashback. The worst part was that my refridgerator was broken so we had to get In-N-Out(okay I guess that wasn't the worst thing)but that is a whole other two week long saga of lots of eating out that we will save for another day, or maybe never. Okay back to the story, I keep getting side tracked. So the murder mystery is a game that you buy and it tells you everything that you need to do. There are 8 parts and they suggest outfits, and give you character roles, and the more into it you get the more fun it will be. So the family were all really good sports and got into it. Dad ended up being the killer which was so funny, because all he basically said all night was" Hey do you guys know that I am really smart?" That was the extent of his acting! But here are some of the fun pictures. Mom took the award for best costume! And Rich took the role or the best looking!

Here is Isabella. She had a plaid skirt on that you couldn't see and they tried to part her down the middle but she kinda looks like a boy, and all she really wanted right then was to go to bed. She was a good sport!
Here is some of the gang! I was the cheerleader, Rich was the Rocker, Amber was the popular rich girl, Aaron was the preppy, Zac was the jock, and JJ was the book worm.
This was so funny. We were all yelling at Dad cause he was the last one to get dressed and we thought he didn't have a costume and lo and behold he comes out of the bathroom in perfect uniform because he was the smart nerd. And Mom was the, how do you say it, the one that all the boys liked! She even had on high heels at the bottom of that spandex outfit! She is my hero! (How did the geek get the beauty?)
Amber and Aaron
And here are what I so now lovingly call JAZ (JJ, Zac, & Alex) Get it?

Anyways thanks everyone for a fun night!


The J J Glenn Family said...

Umm how fun are you guys? I love how everybody got so into it. You are the perfect 50's gal. Love it!

Jill said...

I LOVE IT! That pix of mom and dad is hilarious! Thanks for posting pix of the grown-ups. I miss seeing you guys!

Ashlee said...

What a great laugh! Mom loved seeing the pictures and I was impressed by the costumes!

Jennifer Newell said...

oh, how fun...I always miss these fun gathering. I was invited to a murder mystery once and got sick so I had to have someone go in my place...very sad. But What fun you all look like you had.

lauri said...

You guys ROCK! How fun. Now I know why Marilyn is so popular. Didn't know that side of her.

JENN said...

julie it was good to catch up...a little! o.k bella is so sweet! absolutely adorable!!!!

Greg and Tammy said...

Those pics are AWESOME!!!! What a fun idea!