Tuesday, May 5, 2009

11 months old and a trip to Vegas!

So on Thursday we were eating lunch and Rich says I need to go down to Vegas, so I said, Lets go, but we need to leave within the hour so Isabella can nap. So we did and it was just coincidence that it was Isabellas 11 month birthday. We drove to Vegas and stayed in the Paris Hotel for one night and then we drove down to St. George to see my grandparents because they had never seen Isabella and then we drove home on Saturday. Saturdays trip home ended up being about 9 hours with a 1 1/2 hour detour to return for a forgotten item, a stop for dinner, a stop for mother nature, a stop at a park to stretch out and crawl a little(walking is just hard for me sometimes) and a stop for a wardrobe change for Isabella after she threw up all over her self and her car seat! Poor baby! So needless to say it is good to be home again! It was a quick trip but fun and worth it!

So I asked Rich to take a picture of the cute little "paris" street so it would look like we were in Paris and this is what I got! umm no cute little street...
she is loving to pull up on everything. She was watching a video on a portable DVD player and we had to put it on the couch so she wouldn't touch it. She stood there for probably 20 minutes!
Here is Great Grandma and Grandpa givin' some love
My Grandpa! I love him!
He was so cute with Isabella! She was a little shy at first but after one day she was loving him!
Playing in the grass. Did you know that you can grow thick green grass? I've never seen that in Arizona
Isabella found a friend in our hotel room. She thought this baby was so cute and always there when she needed to play with her. She would even crawl up to the edge and play peek-a-boo with that other baby. It was priceless
Fancy meeting you here!
BUBBLES!! she just can't eat enough of them. Even when she eats so much she gags, she recovers and goes back for more!

One quick picture on the timer! I was so happy to see them!
Ummm, Do I have anything on my face? (when I took it off after about 10 minutes she cried, so maybe she did know and she was saving it for later in a place that she wouldn't forget about?!)
I can't believe that she is 11 months old. It is true that it flys by so fast! Ugh I hate it! But love it at the same time!


Jen said...

ahhh those pictures in the tub are so blasted adorable!! she really is such a cutie! I can't believe she is going to be one so soon. that is just crazy!!

Jodi said...

Julie, she is just getting so big! She's adorable. I was watching her in church on Sunday and I love her hair! It reminds me of Lauren's when hers was that length, where it's starting to curl. Love it. What a cutie! It only gets more and more fun (and more drama...) as they get older!

Stefany said...

Julie - - she is absolutely gorgeous! She's so big, yet so tiny at the same time. Her big smiles are priceless! I love her cute teeth. This age is so much fun!


She is so funny! Those babies in the mirrors can be hours of entertainment!! I can't even tell you how excited we are to see you guys next week!!!!!

whiteclef said...

CUte Cute! I love the Grandma Grandpa picture. Frame it! She is one gorgeous little thang you have there. Thanks for the yummy dinner on Sunday. It was alot of fun!

Ashlee said...

I love the picture of you and Isabella in the grass. glad that you had fun. I am sorry about the throw up:( no fun!

Chareese said...

I miss my girls! Let's find me a job so we can play more...