Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nap hair

I love nap hair. Now that she moves around more in her crib she pushes herself into crazy positions and created amazing hair-do's!
Miss blue eyes
and here she is introducing her cousin Addison. She came to visit and I don't think I have seen Isabella more excited! She thought it was so amazing to have a friend at her house.
They are just talkin about stuff over a little music time. Ya know just baby stuff!


Ashlee said...

I know that I say this every time but she really is the MOST beautiful baby! I love the blue outfit with the head band-so stylin'.


I MISS HER!!!! Hannah wants her play buddy back!!

The Robinson Review said...

She is so stinking cute!!! I miss her, you need to come visit us next time rich is out of town!

Amber said...

Oh it seems like forever that we have seen her. :( We need to hang out more. She is getting so big and I love how much hair she has. She is a beauty. Give her kisses for me. :)