Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another travel log!

So another travel log from the Newells! But believe it or not I think that we are home for awhile and I am kinda excited about that! So Ill start most recent down. On February 10th my Mom and I flew out to see this cute family below....Lindsay, Keith, Hannah, and the newest addition Brynlee. I am sure most of you stock their blog, but just in case you don't, Brynlee was born about 3 months early at 2lbs 6oz and 14in. long. And yes she is another miracle baby to their home. She was in the hospital for 11 weeks and did amazing. She took every premie record the hospital had to offer and blew it out of the water! And now she is home and is so cute and doing well. She loves her binki and sounds just like maggie from the simpsons when she sucks on it! Hannah is so sweet to her and everyone and they are just the cutest little family! And might I say that Isabella has a new obessesion...HANNAH! She is her first groupie and biggest fan! The child didn;t want to sleep there because she would wake up early in the morning remember where she was and wanted out to see where Hannah was. If she was drinking a bottle and heard Hannah she would immediately stop, push it away, and want to go see her. It was hilarious! Except the 5:30 wakeup calls!:) So here are a few pictures from that trip
So I was taking family pictures and Hannah and mom had just taken cute pictures where Hannah would kiss Lindsay and then we told keith to do the same and this is a Dads idea of, Give me a kiss!!! Dads are so fun and Hannah has a good one!
ahhh! So sweet!!
We has a pajama party on the night before Valentines, because my Dad sent us all Pajama grams for Valentines day! It was so sweet of him and fun!
Hannah did not want to smile through all of the pictures and then when we were done she noticed the dog on the other side of the fence and of course there were lots of smiles!
Isabella and Brynlee just happened to have the same outfit so we thought we would get pictures of them together, but Isabella just wanted to suck on Brynlee's head and Brynlee was hungry, so this is what we got
All the girls with Grammy watching Baby Einstien!
Isabella was sooo excited to sit next to Hannah in the shopping cart. When she gets excited she pumps her arms so fast up and down. I think Hannah was trying to show her how to play it cool!
Just chillin in their bouncers! Hannah was so sweet to Isabella! She never swatted at her once and would help wash her hair when they took baths and give her toys when she was sad! She is so cute and extremely smart! The 1 3/4 year old know her letters, numbers, colors, all the shapes and characters in all her books and so on. It is crazy!!
Before Indian Rich and I went to Miami all alone for 6 days! Rich's parents and my parents took care of her for us!!THANKYOU MOMS AND DADS! Rich won a sales contest in his company, which wasn't and easy thing to accomplish given the economy, so we got an all expenses paid trip down there! It was so fun and quite a treat. And wouldn't ya know it this is the only picture that we took. We were just too lazy to haul out the camera! So you'll just have to imagine the bright blue water and beautiful beach and hotel! Thanks honey for all of your hard work and amazing dedication and effort for our family!!! I love you!!
And then a few days before that trip we decided seriously hours before we left that we would run down to Mexico for the weekend since Rich's parents were in town. It was so fun and the funniest thing was when we cruised down the beach to the next village for some lunch we were touring through the one street and all of the rest of us were in the Hummer and Amber and Aaron took the Quad! These dogs kept running at them barking viciously and they were swerving and yelling and we just sat in our safe car and laughed and took pictures of them!! Ah, good times!!
Here we all are(minus tina who came with us) after lunch! It was a good quick trip and so fun hang out with the Newells!

Welp, and that is all for now! On a side note, please bear with the long posts and so many pictures! Once I learned that you can print this out into a book, but slide shows don't show up, I figured this would be better for that!!


Jen said...

I love the long posts and the pictures! Pictures make it fun! Sounds like you have been crazy busy, I don't blame you at all for being glad to be home! Can't wait to see you next week!

Ashlee said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your trips. I too LOVE the long posts of pictures! Isabella has so much hair! So cute. Love you!

It's me...J.J. :) said...

Love the pictures and stories! I am glad you had such a fun time visiting family. We are so lucky to have you as part of our family. :)

Mands said...

I love Isabellas face when she is sitting in the grocery cart. So cute! Okay the picture of the dog ready to bite their ankles off is kind of funny, but also so brutal and scary. I hate biting dogs. Great to see you at the park the other day!

Jill said...

Julie, I adore the stories and photos. And I just realized that since I'm moving so far away that this will be my best way to keep updated. Oh, I'm going to miss you guys!


Greg and Tammy said...

WOW! So many fun trips. I've heard about them all via JJ, but it was great to see pics.

Rob and Kimmie said...

I don't think I've ever thought that any little girl was as cute as mine, but Isabella totally is! Seriously, such an angel face!
Lindsay and Keith have such a cute family too!
I want a pajama gram someday! That sounds fun!

Rob and Kimmie said...

Me again, we all need to hang out, BBQ next Friday (13th.) We'll call you!